Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 284

Ryan's First Birthday!!!

Ryan woke up in a good mood.  When I went to get him out of his crib he was happily holding his blanket and playing with his mobile.

He had a dr. appointment this morning.  He is 17lbs 7oz and 27.5in long!  Up almost 10 pounds since birth and 7.5 inches.  People annoy me when they tell me he's small, like I don't know.  But, he is the most perfect, beautiful baby I've ever seen :)

Then we all went to a park with a splash pad, but the park was closed!  Booo.  Someone had vandalized it this past weekend so we couldn't play!  Instead we went to Golden Corral.

& Ryan got to try his first taste of vanilla ice cream!  Yum.  He loved it :)

Tim took his 1 year pictures.  We hung out at the house and played.

We went out for dinner with Tim's parents.  Ryan got home over and hour past his bedtime but he was such a good boy.

Best year of my life.  Ryan is so so amazing.  Tim & I are so lucky <3

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