Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 307

Elyse was squirting Ryan tonight w/ his toys.

She is so amazing with him.  It makes me so happy to watch them play together.  She is always chasing him and playing with him.  She lets him crawl into her room and play with her toys.  If Ryan & I are in his room, she will come into his room and play toys with us.  She gets excited and runs into his room when he wakes up in the morning.  She's usually (or always) the first one up.  She gives him kisses all the time.  When we go places, they sit in the back seat together and she makes faces at him & I just hear them laughing at eachother.  It makes my heart smile. 

Tonight we went to dinner w/ Tim's mom, his brother & his girlfriend, Tom & Caitlyn.  We love La Parilla Suiza in the Rios family!  I love to watch other people play with Ryan.  Casey, Tom, & Caitlyn always play with Ryan when they see him.  I love to see how happy Ryan makes other people.

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