Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 309

Back in January we took the kids to Golf N Stuff, Elyse wanted to go on the go karts, we didn't have enough time so we told her we'd go next time.  She didn't bring it up during Easter break, but she's been bringing it up allll summer.  I kept telling her, no, we can't go because it's way too hot outside.  Today the weather was overcast and so nice so Tim & I finally decided to take her.

On her way there we stopped at two different 7-Elevens for their free slurpees for their birthday.  The free cups were itty bitty so we had to stop at a second one.  We got Golf N Stuff passes at a Food City for only $13 each!  They include one round of mini golf, 4 rides, and 4 game tokens.  We bought one for Tim & one for Elyse.  I can't do anything because I'm pregnant!  But I don't mind, I enjoy pushing Ryan around in his stroller and watching Elyse run around anyways.

Elyse was sooo excited.  She kept saying "I'm so happy!"  They played one round of mini golf.  Tim only won by 3 points!  Rode Go Karts- Elyse was the passanger.  They rode again and the attendant let Elyse ride all by herself!  She was so excited.  Priceless.  Then they played Laser Tag twice.  Tim told her that laser tag would hurt so Elyse was all scared and didn't want to play!  It was funny, I told her it didn't hurt.  The first time they played- I could hear Elyse saying "Daddy, I'm scared!"  I guess it was too dark in there.  They played again against two boys and Elyse was excited because she beat one of the boys.

After Golf N Stuff, we went to McDonalds for dinner.  Elyse kept running up in the Play Place and yelling at Ryan and he'd look all around until he found her and then he'd smile at her.  They are so cute.

Lastly, we took the kids to the park before it got dark.  Another thing Elyse has been wanting to do, but it's been too hot up until today.  Elyse can run around like crazy.  I put Ryan in the swings & he laughed!!  The last two times I put him in swings, he hated them!  I'm glad he likes them again.  We even let him go down the little slide by himself.  I was nervous at first.  I'd lay him down at the top and Tim would catch him.  Ryan loved it.

After I took the picture above, the camera battery died! =(

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