Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 311

About 98.9% of the nights Elyse has been here, her and Tim stay up and eat popcorn and watch movies together.  Sometimes 1, sometimes 2.  Tim will miss it when she's gone!  I can't really watch movies at night.  They are too long and I usually end up falling asleep.  They can be snuggle bunnies at night when Elyse gets sleepy.  They are cute.

We spent most of the afternoon at Tim's mom's house.  Our niece, Kylie, had been out of town for the past week.  Elyse was super excited to hear that Kylie was back in town and really wanted to play with her.    She was over at Tim's mom's house so we all went over there, so Elyse could see her Grandma before she left and play with Kylie.

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