Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 312

Today is the dreaded day we hate.  Elyse had to go back to Chicago.  It's always so hard.  & Because every time she leaves, she never is ready to go.  She was bummed out about leaving yesterday and today.  Yesterday, Elyse had asked me if she could pack all by herself.  I told her she could.  Asked her if she wanted to do her laundry.  She said no.  I did her laundry last night and put it in the dryer when I went to bed.  This morning her clothes were still wet!  I think something is wrong with our dryer because yesterday when we left the house at 3- Tim put his clothes in the dryer and when we got home at 9 the dryer was still running.  & This morning Elyse's clothes were still wet.  That was annoying.  Then Elyse couldn't find her iPod, then her glasses case, and then...  That's what she gets for not listening to me every time I told her to clean her room!  She couldn't find anything.  Then we had to brush her hair, which takes forever.  So finally, we're in the car leaving when Elyse freaks out about her DS wondering where it is, so she wants to run in the house and check.  So needless to say- we were late to the airport and they just barely missed their flight.

I had already left the airport when Tim called me to come back and pick them up.  There new flight left at 2:00pm.  Honestly, I was excited.  We never get to spend any time with Elyse on her last day.  We're always rushing and racing to the airport.  We decided to get some breakfast, we went to our favorite breakfast place and Elyse shouted "Jerry Bobs!!" when we got there.   She loves it too :)  All the ladies inside of Jerry Bobs loved Ryan.  They kept coming to our table to admire him and tell me how cute he was.  He is pretty cute. :)

We went to the mall to check out The Children's Place.  Got Ryan 3 new shirts, went to Target and got him two more.  I love buying clothes for Ryan.  He has more than enough but it still makes me happy.  Shopping for myself has become boring.

Then it was time to head back to the airport.  We walked around the small gift shop for a little bit to waste some time.  Then it was time to say our goodbyes.  Elyse hugged me, then Ryan, then me, then Ryan, then me, then Ryan.  She kept telling Ryan how much she would miss him. 

I miss Elyse so much already.

Ryan eating little ravioli things.  He was SO full of giggles tonight.  He is so so sweet.

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  1. I totally agree with you on shopping for clothes! Baby clothes are way more fun and easier to buy than mommy clothes!