Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 314

When my best friend, Rebecca,  got pregnant with her second baby she bought a box of pregnancy tests that had 3 tests in it.  She used the first one and tested positive and then gave the box to me.  When I was exactly 5 weeks pregnant with Ryan, I tested positive.  Then there was one test left.  A friend that I worked with, Shana, was also trying to get pregnant so exactly 5 weeks after me, I gave her my last pregnancy test and told her to test at 5 weeks also.  She too, was pregnant!  What a lucky box :)  3 different tests, 3 different pregnancies.

Our babies were born exactly 4 weeks apart and today, we went to his first birthday.  I can't believe that our babies are already a year old!  Shana became a stay at home mom and I miss her so much at work.  Brody is such a cute little guy.  & the party she threw for him was awesome!  There was a baby bar set up with puffs, baby food, take and toss cups, it was so cute.  Cotton candy machine, pinatas, a local restaurant even had a hot dog stand set up.  It was so fun.  There were so many babies around too.

After the birthday party, we went to the swap meet.  Got a few good buys.  Ryan started getting restless so we came home to put him to bed.

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