Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 315

Today while Ryan was taking his nap & Tim was out golfing with his brother and sister, I read a blog about a baby named James.  James was an 8 month old baby boy who had a tumor.  His parents had less than a month from the time he was diagnosed to the time he passed away.  This blog really got to me.  As parents, we think our children are perfect and we always think about what they are going to do in their lifetime.  We don't ever prepare for the worst.  After I was done reading it, I couldn't stop crying.  I walked into Ryan's room, picked him up out of his crib and just held him for a few minutes.  Thanking God that I am so lucky to have such a perfectly healthy baby.  There are so many people out there who have lost their children who wish they could hold their baby in their arms.  I am so fortunate to be able to hold mine.

So tonight when I laid Ryan down in his crib for bed, after I was done kissing him, I kissed him two more times.  Once for James's Mommy who can't kiss him, and once for Maddy's mommy who can't kiss her.

These two mommies of angel babies have such amazing faith.   It's so amazing to me.  Tim & I went to church for two years before Ryan was born and then stopped when he was here.  We decided it's time to start going back.  I want my son to grow up knowing Jesus.  & I pray for all the familes who have lost their precious babies to find peace.

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