Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 325

For the past week 1/2 to two weeks, Ryan's eating has been horrible.  He will eat all of his oatmeal for breakfast, but it's been hard to get him to eat lunch or dinner.  He has always been a good eater, and he eats whatever we give him.  But lately, he will take a few bites and throw the rest on the floor.  He picks up the pieces one at a time as he drops them over the tray of his high chair.  When I try to feed him, he will close his lips, use his tongue to push it back out, or just use his fingers to pull it out.

It's driving me nuts.  He is still too little to know that he has to eat what is given to him.  Tim & I both agree on eating habbits.  I may not like everything that Tim does, but when I was little I had to eat what my parents made for dinner.  Reguardless if I liked it or not.  Tim & I will teach Ryan that he will eat what we give him, and if he doesn't like, we won't be making any special meals for him.  But my baby is too little to understand that, so at this point I am trying to just feed him anything he wants.  We went to Frys and I bought a bunch of fruit.  For dinner, I gave Ryan watermelon, blueberries, pineapple, and strawberries.  He did pretty good.  But I'm hoping he just isn't eating as much because he's been teething like crazy.

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