Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 326

Listening to his Christmas book from Elyse.

Being tickled on the floor.

More books.

Once when Tim & I were at the mall, he made the comment to me that mothers always look at other babies with a look on their face that says "My kid is cuter than your kid."  Of course I think my kid is cuter than your kid.  & as a mother, I hope you think your kid is cuter than my kid.

As I became a mother I realized that other moms can be so judgemental.  Admit it, everyone is.  I think there are certain things where it's okay to be a little judgemental.  However, some things are not.  I know not everyone agrees with me.  I've talked to lots of mommies since I've had Ryan.

So- I think it's funny when moms brag about not getting an epidural.  Really?  I had an epidural with Ryan.  I still was able to enjoy my labor and delivery with him.  I was just in a lot less pain than you were.  & Honestly, next time I'm going to ask for my epidural as I'm checking into the hospital.

Breastfeeding vs. Formula.  It was my choice to breast feed my son.  Am I a better mother because I chose not to feed him formula?  No.  Just because you nurse your child doesn't make you any better than a mother who choses not to. I DO think that every mom should at least TRY to nurse their baby.   If it doesn't work out, at least you tried.  I do see newborns drinking formula and I always wonder why their mother chose not to breast feed.  It's cheaper too.  If you can breast feed, do it!  If you can't, oh well.  I don't think not having enough time is an excuse though.  After I went back to work, I didn't have enough time to pump all the time.  But I did.  I pumped in the morning before work when I should have been getting ready- and was late to work at lot because of it.  I pumped during specials at school and recess even though I should have been grading papers.  I pumped before I went to bed when I should have been sleeping.  & I even pumped during the middle of the night when I should have been sleeping.  At 8 months I had to introduce formula to Ryan because I wasn't making enough milk to feed him.  & by 10 months I was pumping about 6 times a day and only making enough milk for one bottle- so I switched to formula. 

Baby weight?  Some moms brag about how huge their baby is.  My baby is small- he isn't even on the growth chart- but he's still perfect.

& there are sometimes, I'll admit when I see something and freak out a little bit.  Seeing babies facing forward in a car seat before they are a year old?  Yes- because it's not what's safest for your child.  Walkers?  Every handout from my doctor's office says "Walkers are not reccommended."  Pacifiers at 3 years old?  Lazy.  Bottles filled with juice for infants?  Not necessary.

I guess I should stop there, before any one reading it gets offended.  Just because I feel a certain way about issues doesn't mean I'll argue with a mom who thinks differently.  I find it incredibly annoying when other people give "advice" on what's best for your baby, when you could care less.

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