Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 329

Ryan was born with long hair.  & boy, were we happy he had hair!  It has grown so much over the past 13 months.  The original plan was to get it cut on his first birthday.  A few days before his first birthday, Tim & Elyse approached me and both said they didn't want Ryan to get a hair cut.  Okay- so we weren't going to get him a hair cut.  Plus, I don't think I was ready for it anyways.  The ends of his hair are what grew inside my belly!  I don't want to chop it off.

So anyways- I decided that today was the day.  Plus Great Clips is having a 2 week hair cut sale of $7.99.  We could all get our hair cut for $24. 

Before the hair cut.

Putting on his little apron thing.  What are these things called?

Getting ready for the first snip.

Okay- that wasn't too bad.

Bangs are cut.  & A little silly all on his forhead. 

I let Ryan eat a lollipop!  I'm such a freak about what he eats.

Now it's time to cut off the cute little curls =( The worst part of the hair cut.

All done.

So handsome.

I got a hair cut for the first time since October, she cut 3 inches off and it looks soo much better.  Bye bye split ends!

&&& I'm 17 weeks pregnant today.  I took my first belly picture with Ryan at 17 weeks so I did this baby too.

17w Ryan.

17w #2.

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