Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 337

Today was a perfect work/mommy day!  I woke up a little after 8 and Ryan was already awake playing with his mobile.  He knows that I love to play before work :)  I fed him some blueberries, strawberries, and a waffle before I had to work.  Then I woke up Tim for Daddy duty while I went to work.  I was productive at work and was able to get stuff done in my classroom.  I came home for lunch just in time to feed Ryan his milk and lay him down at noon.  When I came home from work at 3:30- Ryan was still sleeping.  3.5 hours of a nap.  Geez.  I brought him back to work with me where he played with his trucks and I filed some of my math worksheets.  We ate dinner together and watched "The Secret Life of the American Teenager."  The show is so dumb- but I've been watching it on Netflix for about 3 weeks now. 

Anyways- I didn't take any pictures today because Tim was gone when I came home from work with Ryan, and he had the cameras with him.  He is such a camera hog.

I thought I'd share some pictures of Tim & I from our wedding.  The quality on the computer isn't the greatest.  We got like 750 pictures printed out, and I seriously took the time to scan some of them. Took forever and that's why they aren't so great on the computer.  Tim & I met in February 2007 and got married on May 24, 2008!

Getting ready...

SO handsome!

Two of my best friends before the wedding, Kim & Loni.

Kissing his bride, or more like I'm kissing him ;)

After we walked back down the isle, I kept saying "WE'RE MARRIED!!" I was so excited, haha.

Grandma & Mom.

Kim, Jen (Tim's sister), Me, Rebecca, and Loni!

One of my favorites.

Love my girls.

Our first dance, She's Everything by Brad Paisley.

& Our family of three! Before it became a family of 4 (or 5.)

&&& This morning, I was in a meeting about EpiPens & the baby was kicking me!!!


  1. I look REALLY tired! :) and omg family of 5!

  2. I know! I want one more baby- but I don't want Tim to have 4 kids!! 4 is a lot!