Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 338

Hold me, momma!

Last night, I was holding Ryan & he started smacking me in the chest.  When he gets really excited he starts flapping his arms around and when I'm holding him his little hands always hit my chest.  I said "Stop!" & Ryan repeated me.  He kept saying "stop."  Tim & I kept laughing at how cute he was.  This is word #5 from Ryan.  Dada, Momma, thank you, yes, and now stop!

When I got home from work today, Ryan and I were playing on the floor.  He started walking along the wall and I was sitting a couple feet away from him.  He let go of the wall and walked to me!!  My baby walked <3  Best part, he waited for mommy to come home to walk for the first time.  Plus, Tim was watching Ryan and I so he got to see too!  I loooove sharing all of these things with Tim.  He gets just as excited as I do when Ryan does new things.  Tim & I sat in front of each other and had Ryan walking back and forth to us.  He took about 2 or 3 steps each time until he reached us. I almost started crying.  Being a mommy to Ryan is the best thing in the world.

Oh, & 8 years ago today I moved to Tucson!

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