Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 339

Today I did the finishing touches to my classroom!  I'm as ready as I'll ever be for the first day tomorrow.  All desks have nametags, pencils, and bellwork.  Now all I need is my new kids!  Excited to meet them and hope tomorrow goes awesome.

I had to take a break from work because I had a dr. appointment today for the baby.  Tim wasn't able to go because he had a shoot.  =(  I was pretty bummed but at least Ryan got to come with me.  I love the people who work at the office.  There are only 3 people there, the receptionist, nurse and OB/GYN.  The receptionist held Ryan and played with him while I did the urine sample.  & Ryan got to sit on the little chair thingy with me while I laid down and we listend to the heart beat together.   That sound never gets old.  My doctor delivered babies at two different hospitals; St. Joe's- where Ryan was born, and UMC.  Today she told me that she now only delivers at UMC.  I was a little bummed.  She said that she needed to make her life easier and UMC is right next to her house so it's a better drive in the middle of the night when she needs to go in.  I was hoping that my babies would be born at the same hospital.  Oh well.  I told her that our daughter was born at TMC.  So we joked that all of our babies would be born at different hospitals.  Which, they will be.

We played for a little while between work (I brought Ryan with me) and dinner.

& snapped a few more pictures until Tim had to leave for a second shoot tonight.

Ryan is loving food again!  He just gobbles it all up.  I had to give him a cereal bar and blueberries after he ate his rice, chicken, and carrots.  Have I mentioned that Ryan loooooves blueberries.  They are his favorite!

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