Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 347

Grandma H came into town to see Ryan!  She invited us out to dinner to Fuddruckers, so we went over there when I got home from work.  We love that place!  It's so delicious.  & I love that they give you cheese! haha, I love to eat my fries with cheese.  It was raining with lots of lightening while we were eating.  We were checking the weather and it was 77 in Tucson, and 111 in Yuma!  Mom picked the right day to come for a visit.

Ryan loves out back and always watches Daddy when he goes out there.  & No, out stinkin floors are still not fixed.  I am beyond annoyed.  It's been 9.5 weeks.

Ryan doesn't do pictures anymore =(  Giving Grandma a good night kiss.

Today was Elyse's first day of 5th grade!!  I can't believe we have a 5th grader.  She is getting so so big!  She even goes to a new school now just for 5th and 6th grade.  Crazy.  I got a little sad today.  We'll never take Elyse to school, never pick her up, never help her get ready.  =(  I hate sharing her.  I've been waiting for pictures of her, hopefully we get some soon!

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