Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 350

After church this morning we stopped at the mall.  Church is on the other side of town and the mall by it has a Carter's store.  I love Carter's for babies.  Picked up #2 a couple of sleepers and a new outfit!  None of Ryan's NB clothes were long sleeved so I need to get a few for #2.  Ryan always just wore a onesie and socks because it was so hot out.

Ryan was holding his little Easter basket from Auntie Loni when I put him into his crib.  Now he's sleeping with his foot inside of it.

Today I am 20 weeks pregnant.  Wondering how I'm halfway done, it was just Jan 27, 2010 and I was 20 weeks pregnant with Ryan.  This pregnancy if flying by way faster than Ryan's did.

My sweet, funny, crazy little nephew is 3 today!  THREE!  Geez- Life sure does fly by when you have little ones to enjoy.  Happy 3rd Birthday, Aiden James!

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  1. Awe he still has the little basket! Too bad only like one thing fit in it! I can't believe you are 20 weeks!