Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 349

Monkey sleeper and carrier that my mom bought.  When Ryan was about 4 months old, Rebecca let me borrow her carrier.  It worked great!  I seriously don't understand how people pay $80+ for a Baby Bjourn carrier.  Infantino works perfect!  This carrier was only $12.99 at Ross!  I'm excited to have it with the new baby.  It was so much easier when I could walk around the house wearing Ryan trying to get things done, instead of always holding him.

Tonight Tim and I went to the mall.  I bought Ryan and #2 matching shirts with pockets on them.  Look how big Ryan's shirt is =(  I got sad looking at how big his 18m clothes are.  He still isn't into them, but he will be by the time the new baby comes and I want to be a super corny mom with babies who match.


  1. I bought the baby bjorn comfort carrier bc it was the top rated for comfort and back problems which I have. I read 100's of reviews to decide which one would work best and I love it! I love all of the baby stuff :)

  2. I could've just given you the carrier back for you to keep, no plans for me to use it again! [Idk if that sentence should have a happy face or a sad face at the end of it.]