Friday, September 16, 2011

15 months!

Once again, I'm up early, writing in this blog while my family still sleeps.  Number 2 could possibly even still be sleeping because he hasn't kicked me yet this morning.  He is starting to get quite active.  One of the best mommy moments is feeling your baby inside of you.  Well- until the end when you're just trying to push their body parts back to normal so your belly isn't one big lopsided mess.

15 months ago Tim & I were checking into the hospital.  We had already missed Elyse who was at home with my mom.  But we were also so excited to add Ryan into our world.  & What an amazing world it's been having him here with us.  As we prepare for a new baby, we're often thinking "How could it possibly get any better than this??"  How can a new baby be as cute as Ryan?  How could we love a new baby as much as we love Ryan?  Everyone says we will, but as of now, it just doesn't seem possible.  Ryan is the best thing in the world- he IS our world.  Our world revolves around him, playing with him, making him happy.  We wake up when he wakes up, naps at 1, lunch after naps, dinner at 5:30, bath at 6:15, walks, milk, bedtime at 8:00.  Our little family is so managable on this little schedule for Ryan.  I'm often wondering what life will be like with two little boys.  I hope and pray that Ryan loves his little brother.  I am nervous to add one more into the mix, I am also so, so excited.

I actually remember what I was doing a year ago today,  I remember what Ryan wore the day he turned 3 months old.  I remember him falling asleep in his stroller as we were going for a walk.  It was also the first time I left him at home with Tim while I went to a card party for one of my friends. 

I think Ryan was extra hungry at dinner time.  He saw me pulling stuff out of the fridge and freezer and wouldn't stop following me around.  He kept walking into the kitchen and stopping at the stove.  We had breakfast for dinner.  I always thought it was a little weird when my dad would cook me breakfast for dinner, but I also loved it.  We had eggs, hashbrowns, and toast with jelly.

So serious for pictures.

& A few more pictures from my shoot with Ryan last weekend!

Happy 15 months to the best thing that has ever happened to my family :) 


  1. The pictures that Tim took make my heart smile :)