Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend recap

Does anyone love weekends more than a mommy who works full time?  If so, it'd be  pretty hard to beat!  When I got home from work on Friday, Ryan & I sat on the couch and ate some yogurt.  Well- he did, I didn't.  When he was done, he wouldn't let me get rid of the cup or spoon so I rinsed it out for him so he could carry it all over the house.  The spoon kept falling out and he kept picking it back up and putting it into his cup.  Eventually, the spoon fell out, Ryan grunted, and then he threw his yogurt cup.  He was getting so frustrated.  He picked them back up, spoon fell out again, Ryan grunted, and he threw the yogurt cup again.  I decided to help him out and give him the light weight take n toss spoons instead, which stayed in his cup :)

Then we decided to play water table!  The water table collects mosquitos if you don't rinse it out or gets dirty.  We had to clean it out before we filled it back up.  Ryan could play with that water table forever.  He loves it.  & I could sit in the little red chair in the backyard and watch him play with it forever too.

We had some butter noodles for dinner with some vegetables.  Ryan likes to eat from spoons and forks.

First you gotta dip your fork in your food like this...

& then you stick it in your mouth.

Too much work, I think I'll just use my hands!

After dinner we all went to the park.  Ryan still gets those belly laughs going down the slide =)  We let him walk around allll over the place.  Walking in the grass is a little tricky.  There is a baseball diamond at the park too and Ryan spent most of the time walking around the dirt.  Who knew walking around could be so much fun?!

We spent a lot of Saturday working with Daddy.  We got home around 3:30 and took late naps.  I love naps.  But I love them even more being pregnant.  I wake up SO refreshed.  Ryan & I didn't wake up until 5:45!  I thought for sure he wouldn't go to bed that night.  I kept him up til 8:30 instead of 8 because Ryan and Daddy were playing so nicely.  At 8:30 he went to bed without a fuss!

On Sunday- Ryan woke up before 8am for the first time in a long, long time.  7:51am to be exact. 

Grump.  Actually he wasn't.  I just don't think he likes the camera in his face all day every day :)

Trying to figure out why his car won't fit down the basketball net!

We went to church on Sunday.  When we picked Ryan up from the church nursery he was playing with a play kitchen!  I have been thinking a lot about getting/making him one for Christmas so it made me happy when he was playing with it.  He saw Tim & I walk into the nursery- he smiled at us, and kept right on playing!  Haha, usually he would have walked over to us but I guess he liked the kitchen more!

We laid down for naps when we got home.  Ryan threw a toy over his crib and Tim heard, and then Ryan started whining a little.  So what did Tim do, he said "Aw, I want to give him back his toy." So he walked in and gave him back his toy!  & Ryan started crying when he left.  Tim is SUCH a sucker for Ryan!  Ryan whined for about 10 minutes and Tim got him out of his crib again.  No wonder Ryan doesn't always nap for Daddy- Ryan has him wrapped around his little finger.

Check out the yogurt face and animal cracker shirt!  Messy boy.  Love him <3  & now for another week filled with an even better weekend to come spent with my two favorite people.

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  1. haha i love his 'grumpy' face! he's so cute & is getting so big!