Tuesday, September 20, 2011

15m check up!

Tim & I took Ryan to his 15m check up today.  I always get a little excited taking him to the doctor.  Am I weird?  Or is it normal to get excited over your babies doctor appointments??  Plus- they had previously told me that he wouldn't need any shots until January!

His appointment was at 10:15 this morning.  Which was a little nice because I got to leave work to see my baby!  At the same time, I don't like leaving my kids at work and always wonder how they are behaving when I'm not there.  Ryan is 29 inches long (3.54 pencentile) and 19lbs 3 oz (1.11 percentile.)  Which is still teeny tiny- but at least his little dot on the growth curve touches the bottom line!  He hasn't touched the growth curve since he was 4m old.  My little peanut.  After the doctor listened to his heartbeat (which made me miss hearing his little heartbeat when he was in my belly) and checked him out, he told us that Ryan was perfect.  Which Tim & I already knew. :)

The doctor told us that Ryan should know 3-7 words by now.  He knows 4- momma, dada, yes, and stop.  He let us know that Ryan should be beginning to understand us a lot and following directions- still doesn't listen to the word "no" but understands some things when we tell him what to do or ask him questions.  The paperwork they always give out said that babies this age think they are the boss! Ha- does he ever!  & that they can begin getting frustrated when they can't figure something out.  Ryan definitely has been getting frustrated lately when he can't stack his blocks the way he wants to, or when he can't reach for something that he wants.

Tonight I fed Ryan some milk in a cup without handles.  He ran over to where I was sitting because he wanted his milk.  I sat him on my lap and he would not drink his milk!  I tried letting him hold it himself, me trying to shove it in his mouth, and just setting the milk down and putting Ryan back on the floor.  Nope.  Wouldn't drink it.  He kept handing his milk cup back to me and whining about it.  So I poured his milk into a cup WITH handles and he drank it!  What a stinker.

Speaking of milk  When Ryan turned a year old we tried introducing whole milk in with his sippy cup.  He would drink it, but it always came right back up, even if it was just a teeny bit of milk with the rest formula.  After a couple weeks of that- I decided to just stick with formula until he was 15m.  Last week we tried introducing whole milk again.  He is getting half formula/half milk in his cup and so far, so good!  I thought I was saving money by nursing Ryan.  I didn't have to start supplmenting with formula til about 8 months and he was fully on formula at 10 months.  But 3 months after he turned one- he is still on toddler formula.  So it will be nice when he is fully off of formula!  That stuff is expensive!  How can people buy formula from birth??

Guess who is getting a hair cut tomorrow when Momma comes home from work?!

Playing cars before bed.  Every night before bed, I tell Ryan, okay let's go upstairs and he will walk over to me and I carry him upstairs.  Tonight, he started walking to me, turned around to grab a car, and came over to go upstairs.  He makes me happy.

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