Thursday, September 22, 2011

3 years ago...

Three years ago (yesterday) we got to spend the day with Elyse in Chicago.  We were on our way home from Loni's wedding in Michigan and our plane departed in Chicago.  We watched her ride her bike, played at the park, went to Odyssey Fun World and did bumper cars, bowling, & arcade games, and ate french fries at McDonalds.

Leaving her was hard.  As it always is.  She asked us if we could get a hotel and stay one extra day.  She's always asking Tim for "one more day."  The last couple times Tim dropped her off in Chicago, she knew he was staying the night in the airport and she asked him if he would stay the night in her basement! Haha, she's cute :)

Today was her picture day!  I can't wait to get her school pictures.  There's something so cute about kids' school pictures.

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