Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Up past my bedtime...

But I wanted to post some pictures of Ryan!

Check out his soaking wet shirt.  He loves his water table.  He's always drinking the water from it though.  He is always drinking out of everything he can get his hands on. 

This is what I came home to Tuesday afterwork.  I couldn't tell that there was stuff under the cushion and I was wondering why it looked so weird.  I lifted it up to find tupperware, a sippy cup, and a snack cup.  Ryan totally watched me take the stuff out and gave me a look like "Ma- that took me a while to do that, leave it alone."  I'm always finding stuff all over the place.  Like his pajama shirt in the cupboard, one of Elyse's dollhouse dolls in the candle holder, a little orange basketball in our fountain, blocks in the pots and pans.. the list goes on and on.   && a couple weeks ago I had to write a check and could not find my check book anywhere.  I found it a few days later in the cupboard!  Ryan takes everything off of the tables and hides it some place.

I was stalking Rebecca's facebook the other night and came across a picture of Aiden wearing these jammies.  I love them!  & I was sad because I hadn't seen them (Rebecca lets Ryan borrow Aiden's old clothes) and was wondering if she had kept them to herself! So I was looking through Aiden's stuff and there they were.  :)  They are a little big on him, but I couldn't resist putting him in them.  He's actually staring at the tv here, about to bust a move!

Check him out here-- He was playing in the water table again. 

Ryan can play with blocks forever.  We're learning how to sort our shapes and stick them in the right holes!  The circle is still the only shape he can do all by himself, but we'll keep getting better.

His jammies say "I am the boss," which he totally is.  Brat.

Ryan's first peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I was a little nervous to give him peanut butter- but he ate the whole sandwich.  Sandwich- doesn't that seem like such a big kid food?? =(

"Ryan, go get your shoes." & He always brings them one at a time.

We went to play at the park tonight.  I think I fell in love with Ryan all over again as we were walking there.  I said "hold hands," and he raised his hand and grabbed onto my finger and we held hands all the way there.  <3

Double fisting- baby style!

Last week, Tim saw a 9 month old baby girl and she was waving.  When he came home he was asking me why Ryan didn't wave.  I told him we don't usually wave to Ryan.  Because I don't, I never leave Ryan, except to go to work and he's already sleeping.  Waving isn't at the top of my to-do list so it didn't bother me that he still wasn't waving.   Tonight, Ryan and I were watching Barney and Barney's friends were leaving the park and they said "bye bye" and we're all waving to each other, when Ryan starts waving at the tv! Haha.  So I said to Tim "have you been practicing waving with Ryan," and he said yes.  I waved and said "bye bye" to Ryan and he started waving back.  He's so cute.

Something I have been trying to work on with Ryan is "where's your nose?"  I've been practicing for weeks- but he always looks at me like he has better things to do than point to his noise.  Tonight in the bath tub I asked Ryan, "where's your nose?" and he smiled and pointed to his nose.

I want to write more, but I'm sooo tired and it's already so late!  There's always tomorrow...

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  1. I like these pictures! He's growing up SO fast. Last time I saw him he seemed like a little baby still, now he's a big guy. Aiden has that "I love to make noise" shirt too.