Friday, September 30, 2011

Ryan's first vacation!

We decided to make Ryan's first vacation to Chicago!  We get Elyse in the summer and Tim had to take her back to her mom's on July 3rd.  Tim & I decided to fly back with her and spend a few days in Chicago to go visit Loni, and also to get a few more days with Elyse.  Was I nervous about flying with my brand new 17 day old baby?  Of course I was.  One thing that made it A LOT easier was that Loni was pregnant and already had everything she needed for Baby Peyton so we didn't have to worry about a bassinet, stroller, car seat/base, pack n play, or swing!  Loni was nice enough to let Ryan try out all of P's new things.

The flight with Ryan was actually pretty easy.  He didn't cry at all.  The only thing I really read about was to make sure the baby was sucking during take off/landing, so I made sure that Ryan was nursing during both.  & he was a little angel.

When we arrived in Chicago, Loni & Dustin were waiting for us at baggage claim.  Ryan was so excited to meet his Auntie!  Elyse left with her mom and we went home with Loni & Dustin.

Ryan's first night at Loni's house and trying out Peyton (& Loni's!) bassinet.  He slept well and only woke up to nurse.  I know I've said it a thousand times before but Ryan has always been such a good sleeper.  This picture makes me sad!  I miss the cute little swaddle and sucker days.

The next day was Ryan's first 4th of July!! I was so excited for him to try out his new outfit!  Tim & I picked it out at Target the day we bought his coming home outfit.  Loni even had a new hat for Ryan!

We went out to lunch, and came home to discover that Ryan pooped in his diaper and it had gotten on his new pants and P's new carseat.  Oopsie.  So we had to change his cute shorts into some khaki pants so we could take some pictures.  Notice their beautiful green grass!  Love.

We went to a school- I think it was a school, to watch the fireworks.  Ryan's first fireworks and he didn't even cry!

Here you can see that Ryan loved Peyton before he even knew her!  But Peyton is too busy kicking Ryan's booty.

Sweet Dreams..

The next day was Monday, and that means we got to pick up Elyse!  We had to pick her up before her mom left for work.  I think it was like 7:00 in the morning or something, all I know is we had to wake up and leave sooo early because she lives an hour away from Loni, and there was so much constuction.  The drive felt forever.  When we got there Elyse wanted to show us her house.  On the way back to Loni's, we stopped at McDonalds for breakfast since nobody had eaten yet.  What did we spend our day doing?  Swimming of course.  It's probably Elyse's number 1 favorite thing to do in the summer.  Ryan was too little to go swimming and I had just given birth less than 3 weeks prior so Ryan and I hung on the side of the pool.

We went to play at the park.  We thought it would be a big park and it was so teeny.  We laughed.

After the park we decided that we wanted to tye dye some shirts!  Loni had already bought the tye dye and we just needed to get some shirts for Elyse and I and some onesies for the babies.

I made Ryan and I matching shirts which we wore on our flight home.

Poor Dustin was scared of Ryan.  Ryan was the first baby he held, but he did a great job.

Taking Elyse home that night was such a pain in the butt.  Ryan screamed for like 10 minutes straight in the car.  We had to pull over so I could nurse him in the Walgreens parking lot.  That was fun.

Trying out Peyton's changing table.

 The next day we had to wake up early again to pick up Elyse before her mom went to work.  We went swimming, again!

Riding horses!  Elyse loved Loni.  After swimming we walked to the school by Loni's house to play on the playground.  I think we all almost died walking there.  Loni wanted to walk so bad, but by the time we got there, we were all dripping in sweat that nobody even wanted to play.  So poor ol' Dustin walked back to the house, picked up the car and drove us back home!

We went out to eat that night.  It started storming pretty bad.  We had to drive in the storm to take Elyse back to her mom's house.

Our trip was over after 4 days and it was time to come back to sunny & hot Tucson.  Loni took us to the airport but we had to take one last picture before we left.  Ryan was perfect on the way back home too, Thank God!  I definitely would have had a melt down if he was crying on the plane ride home.

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  1. awee this post made me happy but sad. Happy because it was so fun and sad because this is the last time I saw you! :( That pic of us in the pool made me laugh, remember dustin smoothed his hair down to the sides he looks so stupid! haha love you.