Sunday, October 9, 2011

A little bit of everything

It's always a little (or a lot) sad when the weekend ends.  However, today isn't SO bad because I only work Mon, Tue, and 3 hours on Wednesday this week!  I can't wait to come home at 11:30 on Wednesday afternoon and spend time with my favorite boys :)  A few weeks ago I got summoned for jury duty on Thursday!  Boo.  I really, really hope I don't have to go in when I call on Wednesday night.  I had jury duty last year, thankfully I didn't get selected.  Tim had it like 2 weeks after me and he was chosen.  His case lasted over a week.  I would much rather be at home playing with my baby than sitting in a court room listening to someone else's problems.  I guess we'll find out on Wednesday night if I have to go in or not.

Ryan is always playing with tupperware.  He found the lids to his little cups and was linging them up.

He was getting mad at me because I kept stopping to try and take a picture of him.  This kid will stare at me all he wants, until I take the camera out and he NEVER looks!

When Ryan was little- he HATED when I left his shirts on his head like this.  He actually pulled it down over his face and was walking around laughing as his whole face was covered.  I pulled it back up to try and take a picture.

Ryan loves bathtime :)  When I wash him, I lay him down to get the bottom of his legs and his feet.  Lately, he will just hang out laying down in the tub.  The last few nights he'll grab his book and read it and talk to him self while laying down.  He makes me laugh.  He's so sweet :)

I bought these jammies forever ago.  They were too cute to not buy them.  I'm happy Ryan can finally wear them!

I'm loving watching Ryan's personality come through.  I love to watch him play with his cars and blocks.  He loves his cars and blocks.  He takes so much time lining them all up.  Tim will be a meanie and knock a few down and very patiently, Ryan will go pick them up and put them back in their place.  Sometimes he'll take only a few of his cars and just push them back and forth on the table.  Note to mommys- Do not get a glass table!  Ugh- I am constantly wiping little finger prints off every single night.

Ryan's first kiss caught on camera!  Tim & I are always asking Ryan for kisses and he never gives them.  He usually smiles and looks the other way or gives you his cheek.  Tim was laying on the couch and asked Ryan for a kiss and made a kissy face and Ryan walked over to him and kissed him, again, and again, and again!  I'm glad I had my camera out and caught his very first kiss.  <3

Ryan has milk all over his face in both pictures.  He never responds to "Ryan!" but if you say "milk" he drops whatever he is doing or holding and runs right on over.  Brat.  Ryan has been on whole milk for 13 days now.  He has been doing so well!  I was a little worried that he wouldn't transition well because he didn't the first time at 12 months.  Tim & I started off giving Ryan an ounce of cow's milk with the rest formula and slowly added more and more cow's milk.  He actually likes cow's milk more than he did formula.  I can finally get him drinking at least 15oz of milk a day.  He loves milk like momma.

Ryan got to wear jeans yesterday, for the first time since his teeny tiny days :)  I couldn't stop staring at how cute his little legs looked in his jeans.

I'm sad this picture came out so blurry.  We took a super long walk yesterday.  I think it just felt a little long because I let Ryan walk the whole way.  No stroller.  He was loving it.  He held my hand and stayed on the sidewalk the whole time.

Today was a lazy day.  We didn't do much.  Stayed home and played all morning.  Parenthood came to Netflix so I spent some time last night and this morning watching it.  A few of my really good friends have been watching it so I had to start as well.  I was happy when 1:00 rolled around and it was finally nap time.  I was so exhausted for some reason.  I LOVE naps.  That was one thing I was worried about when I was pregnant.  That I would never be able to nap again.  I still get to nap 3 times a week- Wednesday, Saturday & Sundays!  When Ryan wakes up from his naps he is always so snuggly so I bring him back into my bed and we lay together for a while and snuggle.  I think it's my new favorite time of day.

Tonight we went over to see Grandma R and Kylie.  Kylie is so good with him and plays with him.  It makes my heart smile.  Casey invited us out to dinner- Ryan was such a brat!  He was whiney and did not want to be held at all.  Ugh, he never acts like that.  & in 3 short months I'll have 2!  Yikes!  Maybe we'll stop going out to eat when the new baby is here.  We don't even go out a lot now.

After we were done eating, we discovered the outside patio!  It's too bad we didn't know about it before we started eating.  It would have been nice to stick the little booger out back so no one could hear him whining.  He was having a good ol time walking up and down the steps with Kylie.  Grandma took the kids for some ice cream after dinner.

Kylie is spending the night with us tonight.  It's nice having her here.  It makes me miss Elyse, just listening to Kylie talk to herself while she plays with Elyse's toys.

Loni is hosting ANOTHER giveaway- That I want to win :)  Enter to win a $10 gift card to Kristen's Crocheted Critters  HERE.

& last but not least, my little baby has been cooking for 27 weeks today.  Only 13 more until my due date!


  1. Those dinosaur jammies were Aiden's very first big boy jams! I like his "I <3 Mom" jams!

    The kids started laying down in the bahtub a few months ago- I couldn't stop laughing the very first time, it was so funny! They say they're going "ninight" and lay down. :)

    I thought the exact thing the other day when I put Rian in jeans. I can't wait til its cool all the time so she can wear them, sooo cute!

    Geeeeeez only 13 more weeks. Its going so fast.

  2. That last picture makes him look so old!!! :(