Saturday, October 1, 2011


I'm so excited that it's finally October!

I'm looking forward to a few things now that it's October. 

Cooler weather- I hate "cold" weather.  I think it gets cold, people who live where it snows probably don't think 50 something degrees is cold.  I do!  I like it in the low 80s- perfect.

The Pumpkin Patch!  We went on my birthday last year and are planning to go every year now that we have Ryan :)  The pumpkin patch is also associated with a place called Apple Annies.  We'll go pick some apples and pears (which is quite fun, btw, try it if you haven't!)  Then drive down the street, check out the corn maze, and pick some pumpkins!

I may be getting old- but I still look forward to my birthday.  It's on a Monday this year so we're taking the kids on a field trip to the pumpkin patch (a different one) and Tim & Ryan are tagging along!

Trick or Treating!  Especially now that Ryan can walk!

This kid loves tupperware.  His newest thing is the strainer.  I think he gets a kick out of being able to see through the little holes.

Trying out chile cheese fries- Ryan approves.

Playing fetch. Haha, he gets a kick out of it though.  Here's the ball back, momma! 

A few weeks back I entered some Huggies rewards codes onto their website and I got a free onesie.  (I also traded my points and got a coupon for a free pack of diapers.)  We got the onesie in the mail yesterday and I had to try it on Ryan.  We love Huggies!  We've been using them since Ryan was born.  Sure we've also tried Luvs, Pampers, and Safeway brand, but Huggies is our favorite.

Today was the first day of October!  Ryan got to wear his glow in the dark skeleton shirt and his new Halloween jammies! Can you tell it was windy today?

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