Sunday, November 13, 2011

Third Trimester

Today I got an email telling me that I'm in my third trimester.  Wow.  32 weeks today. 8 weeks until my due date & only 56 more days.  That is insane.  We went for a check up last week on Friday- the baby's heart beat was perfect.  I love looking at Ryan's face when he hears the heartbeat.  He always looks like he's thinking so hard, I think he remembers the sound from when he was in my tummy.  My blood pressure and my weight gain all look good.  This past Wednesday I went in for my glucose test.  It wasn't too bad.  I got seen right away and she called me back to get my blood work at exactly one hour.  I go in tomorrow again for another check up.  I'm now into my biweekly doctor visits which will soon turn into weekly visits.

The weather around here has gotten cold!  Ryan doesn't have much winter clothes.  He was still wearing shorts up until this past week!  I need to get him a few more long sleeved shirts and jackets or sweatshirts.  The other day we went for a walk and I had to bundle him up in his blanket.  It reminded me of last year :)  Time just goes by too fast with him and I want to remember every little detail of his life.

He is always playing around and under the kitchen table.  The other day he just layed down under the table for a while.  He's always moving the chairs around, and today he kept sitting in between the bars on the bottm and scooting his little butt around so he could move the chairs.  He's so silly.

Elyse's 5th grade school picture.  She looks just like her daddy :)

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