Tuesday, January 31, 2012

18m Well Check

This morning we had Ryan's 18 month well check visit (at 19.5 months.)  He was so good while the nurse listened to his heart beat and weighed him.  However, he did not like her looking up his nose or his left ear.

20lbs 14oz & 31.8 in

He is still in the 1% for weight, but he is now in the 20% for height!  At 15m he was in the 3%.  They gave him a book and the boys got matching shirts with the office logo.  At the end of his appointment he had to get 2 shots.  He laid down on the table with his legs dangling over the edge & I had to hold down his arms.  He got a Hep A shot and a flu shot.  He wasn't a fan of either, he screamed.  =(  When she was done he reached down to his leg and then started taking the bandaids off.  I held him for a second and he stopped crying.  What a trooper.

We had a good afernoon playing with cups...

& finger paint..

& eating the finger paint... 

& going for walks.

When Ryan was 1month 1day old is when I started bathing him every night and giving him a bedtime routine.  He officially had a bedtime of 9pm.  It didn't always work, but I always tried.  Tonight Jake is 1month 1day, so I thought I'd give it a shot.  I bathed Ryan tonight and brought the bouncer into the bathroom and bouned Jake.  After I cleaned Ryan I let him play.  I got to thinking that I should probably start bathing Jake everyday now.  How can I bathe Jake with Ryan in the tub?  Tim wasn't home so I thought I'd wait for him so he could get Ryan out and watch him.  Nah- I don't need Tim, I can do it myself!  I got the little yellow bath sponge and put it at the front of the tub and bathed Jake, took him out and wrapped him in his towel, and laid him back in his bouncer.  Then I got Ryan out and wrapped him in his towel and took him out of the tub.  I picked up Jake with my free arm.  Took both babies back to Ryan's room- diaper, lotion, and jammies.  We spent the rest of the night playing in Ryan's room, reading books and dancing.  Daddy & Ryan danced.  Mommy & Jake read books.  Ryan went down at 8- Jake was sleeping at 9! 

I'm sure moms of multiples now find this easy- & I know someday I will too.  I was pretty dang proud of myself and now it's 9:30, babies are sleeping, toys are picked up, and kitchen is clean!

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  1. Yay!

    Haha- the picture of Ryan with paint in his mouth!