Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy 1 month Jake!

Life is soo busy with two little monkeys.  I don't have time to write in here!  It's 11 o'clock at night, I need to be sleeping.  But nope, I need to keep up with this blog too!

This past Friday I had my 4 week check up with my doctor.  You know what she told me?  That everything looked good!  I could not have asked for better news.  It took multiple visits, an MRI & finally when Ryan was 6 months old, Dr. Riley told me that I was good to go.  6 whole months. 

Last weekend we went to our niece Kylie's 8th birthday party at Skate Country and Peter Piper Pizza.  Little kids just grow up too fast.  I can't believe Kylie is 8.  She is such a sweet little girl.  She loves playing with Ryan.  At Peter Piper Pizza Ryan had fun playing.  It still blows me away that he's like a little kid, runs & plays. 

I like this picture, Ryan had fun just playing on this little step that led into the play place.  He's such a good boy.


Ryan totally has food all over his face.  I took a lot of pictures this night because it's probably the first time he's ever paid any attention to me when I had a camera in his face.  Look at those big blue eyes.

Ryan is at an age where he is learning new things every day.  He doesn't say as many words as a lot of kids his age but he is really starting to understand everything we say to him and follow directions.  He is sooo much fun. 19 months is perfect.  He's really starting to love Jake <3  Ryan runs over to him when he makes noises.  If he sees his pacifier sitting on the table Ryan gets it and tries putting it in his mouth.  Ryan doesn't say "baby" he says "day-de."  I'm not sure why, because he can say the "b" sound but when he says Baby he replaces the "b" with the "d" sound.  Every time I've bathed Jake, I've done it after Ryan went to bed for the night.  Last night I decided to bathe him when Ryan was still awake.  Ryan ran into the bathroom and stood at the tub and watched me bathed Jake the whole time Jake was in the tub.  He is so interesed and curious about him.

"AYou're Adorable."-- I love this book. I bought it for Tim when we first met.

Eating a blueberry muffin and watching Barney in momma's chair.  When I go back to work I'll miss mornings with Ryan the most.  Snuggling and watching Barney is my favorite!

Getting ready to scream at momma!

This picture makes me laugh!  Ryan discovered the blinds yesterday and was laughing and screaming like crazy playing in them.  I know I know- bad momma- but he was so happy!

Last night was a rough night in this house.  This past week Jake has been crying/screaming a lot.  I'm thinking it might be gas pains, I'm going to try and cut dairy out of my diet for a week and see how it affects Jake.  Anyways- he spent the majority of yesterday crying.  Last night I was trying to get both the babies to sleep and they were both crying.  My kitchen was still a mess from dinner.  I wanted to clean up, I wanted to comfort Jake & I wanted to hold Ryan all at the same time but I couldn't.  Ryan didn't fall asleep til around 10.  Jake didn't fall asleep until about midnight.  I decided to sit in my bed and just cry it out & text my best friend (who also has two little monkeys.)  I know there will be plenty more tough times being a mommy to two babies.

Today definitely made up for the rough night last night. Ryan is just so so amazing and Jake was a sweet little baby today.  We played alll day long.  Jake is 1 month old today, so after Ryan went to sleep Tim took Jake's 1 month pictures.  Hopefully I'll post them soon!

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  1. Something about Ryan in those picture reminds me of Mike!

    I remember before the kids took baths together- it'd be a madhouse trying to get dinner made, then I'd give Rian a bath in the sink while Aiden ate, then I'd have to give him a bath- sheesh!

    You bought that book for me too! But Rian ripped it up. :( I still have it, its just in a few pieces now.

    I hope his belly feels better and he's a happy baby. <3