Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekly Checkup!

My sweet little babies.

Not sure what it is about these pom poms that Ryan likes so much, but he sure thinks they're entertaining. 

Giving Mommy kisses :) 

A couple of weeks ago JC Penney had a Step2 patio set online listed for $15, of course I bought it.  Well, it was a pricing error.  They ran out of Step2 patio sets but in order to make up for it, they sent the rest of the people a $50off coupon when you spend $50 or more!  We chose to get him this Litte Tikes police car.  It came in the mail when the babies and I were napping, so Tim started putting it together.  Ryan LOVES this car!  Theres a little handle on the top of the car in the back so I can push him when we are going for walks.  He also sits in it when we're in the living room.  He eats his snack in it, drinks his milk, and watches Barney.  Best of all, I paid $11 out of pocket!  Awesome deal.

Ryan is getting more and more interested in Jake.  Ryan tried climbing onto the bouncer, I made sure that Jake's leg weren't under Ryan when he climbed on.  Jake isn't even long enough to have Ryan sitting on him.

Jake was born at 7lbs2oz, the next day he was 6lbs13oz.  He was 6 days old at his first doctor's apointment and was up to7lbs5oz!  I was happy that he was already over his birth weight.  It took Ryan a month to get over his birth weight.  At 2 weeks Jake was 7lbs8oz.  He had only gained 3oz in 8 days.  The dr. said that he should be gaining closer to an ounce a day so we had to schedule a weight check for the following week.  We took him back at 3 weeks and he was 8lbs6oz.  That's 14oz in 7 days!  Geez.  I'm glad he's gaining weight from my milk.

Speaking of milk, I've started pumping again.  I hate pumping.  I doubt there is anything out there that actually enjoys it, but you do what's best for your baby.  The last time I pumped was when Ryan was 10 months old, it was a nice 9 month break!

In Ryan's baby book there are a few spots blank, first time he clapped and the first time he played peek a boo.  I don't know those dates off the top of my head. Thank God for blogger!  I know I wrote those in here so one day when I'm not too lazy I'll have to search through old entries so I can make sure those baby book spots don't always stay blank.  So now I have to put in here that last Tuesday (1/17) Ryan got two more teeth!  He got one tooth on each side on the top.  He has his 4 front teeth, then a space for one tooth, and he is getting his teeth next to the space.  That makes 8 teeth. Big boy.

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  1. Yay I'm glad your posts are finally showing!

    I love every.single.picture.

    They're SO dang cute. I need to see them asap! :)