Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A day at the park

Yesterday both of the babies slept til about 10:15!  I love when they sleep in and I can sleep in too.  It's a nice surprise! 

Ryan and Jake recieved a Valentine from Peyton!  We actually got it Saturday but I forgot to show Ryan!  He started running around the house with it so I had to steal it from him before he bent it.  He's going through a fabulous stage of crying when you take something away from him.  Shortly after breakfast we packed up and went to the park. We spent a few hours there.  I'm excited to take a lot more trips to the park this year and watch Ryan explore.

On our way to the park! 

The park was a lot of fun.  The weather was awesome.  I spent most of the time watching Tim & Ryan play because I had to hold Jake.  I could watch Ryan play for hours, he's the cutest little thing.  He was brave enough to start going down the slides by himself.  He loves walking around and looking at things.  He likes picking up the woodchips and throwing them too.

Last night we pulled out one of Ryan's Christmas presents.  It was still sitting in the closet in the box.  Ryan got a lot of toys so I kept some hidden and I'll open them later.  I also put away a few of his bigger toys so he can have a break from them and enjoy them later on.  He was very excited about his workhorse.

Tim & I watched "Courageous."  Good movie.  We gave both the babies a bath and played in Ryan's room before we put them to bed. 

I want more days like yesterday, sleeping in and spending most of the day outside.


  1. Oh my gosh. I love the picture of them in the car- their sweet little profiles.

    I thought "Aiden has those jammies too!" but realized they are his... seems like he was just wearing them.

  2. awe I like the pic of ryan looking at peyton's valentine!!! They are so sweet.