Monday, May 7, 2012

4 months


The last time I wrote in here I was writing Jakey's 3 month update.  Now he is 4 months and 1 week old.  My sweet little baby.  Time goes by so fast. 

To my beautiful baby boy:

I get weekly email updates.  I got one on Friday telling me that you were 18 weeks old.  It caught me off guard.  18 weeks.  That's almost half of my pregnancy.  Life with you and Ryan is just so so amazing.  I never would have dreamed how much I would love the both of you.  Having Ryan was so wonderful.  Your daddy and I always talked about and wondered if we could even love another human being like we loved Ryan.  Well, you're here.  Having you here filled our lives with so much more love than we ever thought possible.  We both soak in every minute we have with the two of you.

Ryan loves you so much and it melts my heart.  He runs to you and hugs and kisses you all the time.  He brings you blankets and toys.  Any time you make a peep after your nap he stops whatever he is doing and runs to see you.  Tonight Daddy and I were making pizza for dinner, I had you sitting in your bumbo and when I turned around to check on you, Ryan was sitting right next to you giving you a hug.

From month 3 to 4 you have:

-Started using size 2 diapers
-Wearing 3-6 month jammies
- Rolled over from tummy to back
- You try to roll over from back to tummy but you only make it half way
-Hold onto your toys and your sucker and can switch it from hand to hand
-Awesome head control
-Smile all the time!

12lbs 12 oz (5th %)
24.5 in (20th %)
Head is 40.7cm (21%)

Ooh- & you still don't sleep through the night!  I bathe you and Ryan every night at 6:30.  We put on lotion and jammies and play in Ryan's room until about 7:30 & then I swaddle you.  Ryan always tries to lay in your blanket when I lay it out.  Ryan gives you a good night kiss and we walk to your bassinet and lay you down.  Yes- you still sleep next to momma in your bassinet.  I'm not ready to let you sleep in your crib.  It's actually still not set up.  The pieces are tucked away under Ryan's crib.

I would write more about you, but your daddy is bugging me to get off so he can get to work!

Lastly, you're perfect.  Still.

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  1. It made me smile so big when I read about Ryan hugging Jake in his bumbo- such sweet babies.