Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our day in Phoenix

Tim is a photographer and he's always doing photoshoots.  He's actually doing one right now of a 2 day old baby boy!  Anyways, he's always showing me his pictures.  He works at night and sometimes throughout the night editing pictures.  He will wake me up to come look at his pictures when he really likes them.  When I look at his family pictures or couples pictures I actually get a little jealous that we don't have nice pictures like that!  I want some nice big beautiful family portraits to hang on my walls.

About a month ago, I started getting sick of all the nice pictures that Tim does.  So I messaged one of my long time LJ friends (10 years!), Nica and asked her if she could take pictures of us.  She said yes and I got so excited.  Then I had to tell Tim that I volunteered him to do her pictures and we were driving out to Phoenix to spend some time with them to do pictures.  He was actually pretty excited too because he's been following her work for a while now.

May 6th finally rolls around and I am so stoked!  I got the boys dressed only to realize that both of their outfits were too big!  Ahh.  So I'm scrambling through all their clothes to see what else will work.  After I get them both ready, I looked at Jakey's 3 months pictures and realize that I have him dressed in the same exact outfit!  Oopsie.  I must really like that outfit :)  No time to change him.  Oh well.

Both babies were so good in the car ride up to Phoenix.  We met up with Nica and her boyfriend met around 3.  It was pretty hot in the beginning.  The clouds covered the sun shortly after and then the weather was perfect.  I have not had pictures taken of me since my wedding day so it was a little awkward and I'm probably the worst at taking pictures.  Tim and Nica took turns taking pictures.  Nica and Matt even got Ryan to smile for some pictures!  Tim & I can barely get him to even LOOK at the camera.  I'm glad she got pictures of Ryan first because he started getting super whiney.  I guess that's what a 2 hour car ride and no nap do to a 1 year old.  The shoot was really fun and it was nice to get to meet a friend.

After that shoot Tim had another shoot right after.  A group of about 15.  It was at a little water fountain thing.  I don't really know how to explain it.  I took Ryan's shoes off and let him run around.  He loooved it.


The weather was beautiful.  Ryan was running around playing and Jakey sat so nicely in his car seat.  I was a little sad that it was Sunday and I had to work the next day because I would have stayed the night in Phoenix if I could have.

We ate at Hooters for dinner and sat outside on the balcony patio.  The server gave Ryan a balloon and he just kept hitting it around and laughing.  The day was pretty much perfect.

On our way home, we drove the wrong way for 17 miles.  Oops. We were driving home, it was dark, and we saw something big in the road right before we hit it.  It was big and white.  We swerved a little off the road and had to swerve back on the road.   I freaked out thinking of the babies in the back seat.  They slept right through it.  We pulled over and Tim got out to look at our car.  Some guy was also pulled over and he said he thought it was a cow.  Soon enough there were a few cars pulled over on the side of the road, one car was totaled and facing the wrong direction and it was a big mess.  The girl who got her car hit was fine, but the back part of her car was messed up.  It gave me chills through my body.  My babies are in my back seat.  That could have been them.  Thank God there were no cars around us when we swerved.   So glad he was watching over me and my kids. <3

A year ago today, I was on day 35 of my 28 day cycle.  Scared because I thought I might be pregnant.  I was talking to Loni on Facebook and she kept telling me to get a pregnancy test.  I didn't want to because I didn't want there to be two pink lines.  I peed on a stick which instantly showed 2 pink lines.  Those 2 pink lines scared the crap out of me.  I was numb and didn't know what to think.  My baby was only 10.5m old and now I would be having another one.

Little did I know that those 2 pink lines were the missing link to our family.  Those 2 pink lines turned into the most beautiful little boy with big blue eyes.  Jake keeps us on our toes and fills our home with so much love.


I haaave to share this picture! Dairy free ice cream and pizza!! Yuuum.


  1. YIKES! So scary, I'm glad you guys were okay. The first thing I did when we got in our accident was jump out and open Rian's door- she was sound asleep and Aiden was hanging out like nothing had happened.

    We haven't had family pictures done since Aiden was 6 months old- and we only have one. We need to do some sooo badly!

  2. I cant wait to see the rest of your pics!

    I am glad you guys are all ok.

    annnnd I remember that day. I was scared for you to have another baby but he is so amazing. <333