Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ryan's 2nd Birthday & Party

I have had ideas of Ryan's second birthday party in my head for months.  Thank you Pinterest for all of your wonderful ideas and helping me with my party planning!  I immediately knew that I wanted Ryan's party to be monster themed and I ordered his birthday shirts 2 months prior to his party.  They came out perfect, thank you Etsy!

2 1/2 weeks before Ryan's party we went to Yuma for 4 days and my mom and niece, Haley, helped with some of the party decorations.  My mom & I made a poster board "2" out of buttons (and burned our fingers with the glue gun many times.)  Awesome?  Yes! 

My mom, Haley, and I also made bean bags for the party.  I wanted a bean bag toss.  I told my dad what I wanted and it was his job to create a bean bag toss board for the kids.  He didn't make the board when I was there so I had to wait until Ryan's birthday to see the finish product.

Two days before Ryan's party we went shopping for all the food for the guests.  The day before his party my parents & grandparents came into town to help with everything that still needed to get done.  By this time I was panicing just a little that everything wouldn't be done in time.  We still had SO much to do!  A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped me prepare for Ryan's party.  A lot of work goes into having a birthday party- I totally understand why some people go the Chuck E Cheese route for their kids or have pizza at a park.  We were up til pretty late the night before and spend all morning/afternoon of Ryan's birthday party preparing.

The morning of Ryan's birthday Tim, Elyse, and I woke up before Ryan and we were all anxiously waiting for him to wake up.  He woke up playing peek-a-boo and gave us lots of hugs when we took him out of his crib :)

Now back to party mode.

My mom and grandma helped me make oreo pops for Ryan's party.  Oh, and grandpa who helped pull all the oreos a part & Haley & Elyse who ate all the "bad" oreos.

Marshmallow pops.

The delicious food!  We had chicken burritos, we cooked chicken in crock pots with salsa and taco seasoning.  Tim's mom made refried beans and rice pilaf.  & my best friend Rebecca helped me put carrots, celery, and ranch into cups.

My mom put all the icing on the cupcakes.  I had originally wanted to make these monster cupcakes out of mini marshmallows and chocolate chips- howerever, we didn't have enough time.  I love the way they turned out though! 

& Lastly, the monster cake!  Tim spent some time into making it look awesome.  He had a big black moth and chicklet teeth.  He also had a bunch of warts all over his face (marshmallows dipped into green dye.)  The cake was perfect.  Until, it melted in the car on the way to the party!  Ahh.  It's too bad I didn't get a picture of what it looked like before.  This is what it looks like after when my mom fixed it the best she could.

Ryan's party started at 3:30 and guests started showing up.  I'll be honest, I was a little nervous to be hosting my first kid party.  But in the end, everything turned out perfect, and most importantly, my little dude had an awesome day :)

My handsome little 2 year old!!

Didn't my dad do an amazing job making this monster?  I was so excited when I saw it for the first time!  Oh hey, I still love looking at it and Ryan still loves playing with it.  My dad and Elyse helped all the kids with the bean bags.

After some running around and playing bean bag toss it was time to eat some birthday dinner.  The kids sat at the kids table and I couldn't get over how cute they were just sitting together.  Party tip for toddlers:  Take & Toss cups for all the little ones!

It started raining.  All the kids got dirty and filthy but were having fun running around in the rain.

Tim made me this "Pin The Eye On The Monster."  All the kids names were printed on the eyeballs. The winner of the game won bubble bath.  What little kid doesn't love bubble bath?

Singing "Happy Birthday" to your baby is a little overwhelming.  Ryan had no idea how to blow out the candles.  He blows on his food all the time when he knows it hot.  A birthday cake is definitely not hot, so he probably felt no need to blow on the candles.  He had some help from his friends.

Birthday Presents!

At the end of Ryan's party, there were 41 of his family and friends who came to celebrate.  Lots of junk food, lots of presents, laughing, running in the rain, and playing.  I would say it was a success.

When we got home, we put together all of Ryan's new toys and went for a walk in his new wagon.  The boys love it.

Ryan snuck in an oreo pop...

& played with his new toys for an hour past bedtime...

& momma got to eat the last piece of cake.

Birthday Stats:
22.5lbs & 33 inches tall
Size 3 diapers, 18m shirts, 12m shorts
Can't keep up with your new words anymore, there are new words everyday!

Happy Birthday Baby :)

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  1. I wish I could have been there it looked so perfect!!

    Love little jakey in the wagon!