Sunday, September 16, 2012

You're my Sunday

 A few years back when Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman had their first daughter together, they named her Sunday Rose.  I read somewhere over the internet or a magazine that they named her Sunday because when you're single Sunday's are always so lonely, but when you have someone to share your life with, you look forward to Sundays because they are family days.
I haven't told blogger yet ;) but Tim and I got a new (beautiful!) home.  We found this house and immediately fell in love with it.  It's bigger and perfect for our family.  I loved our two story home, but once Jakey came along, having stairs just became annoying.  I hated running up and down the stairs all day long for whatever reason with two babies.  A few months ago I knew it was time to start looking for a new place.  I was actually dreading it and a little bummed to be moving from the house that my babies were born in.
The beginning of August, our house spent time getting ready for us!  New countertops, new door handles, new roof, new stove, new microwave, new dishwasher, new paint (inside and out!) & looots of landscaping.  The lady who lived here before us foreclosed and I'm pretty sure she didn't take care of the house.  Our home is bigger, more cozy and even has a big backyard!  Big for Arizona that is. 
We started moving into our new house on August 24th.  Sundays have been anything but family days.  They have been long and stressful.  Lots of packing & unpacking, yet dinner, playtime, and baths still need to be done.
Fast forward a few weeks to today and Sunday became a Sunday again. 
We played.  We laughed.  Momma even got to do 5 loads of laundry and I still have about 4 loads left.  When the kids napped Tim & I went outside and picked weeds in the front yard.  Tim raked the front yard and made it look nice.  We cut down bushes in the back yard.  Our back yard is a jungle- it will definitely be a project.  We ate left overs for dinner.  We assembled our new bed.  & we even did some grocery shopping.

As of Tuesday (9/11) Jakey pulls himself up in his crib when he wakes up.  Have I also mentioned he pulls up on everything and crawls everwhere?? Ahhh.

I hope our future Sundays will always be Sundays.



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