Monday, October 1, 2012

JTR- 9 months old!

Jakey is now 9 months old!  Wasn't Ryan just turning 9 months?  Didn't I just buy Ryan his St. Patrick's Day outfit and have him wear it for his 9 month pictures?  Geeeez.  9 months.  That's longer than Jake was in my belly. 
We we're so busy around the time you were turning 8 months old that I didn't devote a blog to you.. and we didn't take you out for your 8 month pictures.  It still makes me sad but we literally didn't have any extra time.  The last pictures I took of you before you turned 8 months was the last night sleeping in your very first bedroom.
We were so busy that I didn't take my camera out for over a week!  I won't let that happen again though.  I missed a whole week of pictures in your precious little life.
When I did get my camera out again, I got it in perfect timing.  The first time you ever pulled yourself up to stand up was on Ryan <3  You love Ryan.  You had been pulling your self up on the bottom of the coffee table for about a week at this point and I'm sure you would have stood up if the top part of the table wasn't there but it got in the way so you had to bend over.
Two mornings later you pulled yourself up in your crib for the firs time!  I was on the phone with Century Link trying to pay the internet bill and when I walked in your room to see you standing, I got so excited that I wasn't listening to the custermer service lady anymore.  I ran out of the room as quick as I could to grab the camera and you had just started crying.  You wanted momma.  Seeing you stand up in your crib made me so proud.  My little baby is getting so big.  I told everyone at work how big you are getting and about your new accomplishment.



You also spent this month perfecting your crawl.  The first time you crawled was the day we were moving everything out of your room to move it to the new house, which also happened to be the day before you turned 8 months (8.29.12.)  After about a week, you were crawling like a pro.
Your favorite time of day is after your bath and you & Ryan spend an hour or so playing in Ryan's room.  You crawl all over the place from toy to toy.  When Ryan was your age he used to roll from toy to toy, seems like not that long ago.  You never did that and you didn't army crawl for long either, you went straight to crawling and standing.  You crawl over momma when she's in your way.  You crawl from room to room when you notice I'm not in the same room as me.  You crawl into the kitchen and climb up my legs every time I'm making breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
I spent most of the day holding you.  Eeeeeek.  I held Ryan a lot too when he was your age because he always wanted me.  Well, you always want me too so I give in to your sweet face and walk around with a baby on my hip almost all day long.
You love going for walks.  You wake up earlier than Ryan and I enjoy my mornings alone with you.  You also go to bed earlier than Ryan and I love my night time cuddles with him.  I take you for walks on the mornings you're up earlier than Ryan and you love the buggy.  You squeeze onto the wheel so tight.  When I pop my head in front of you, you give me the biggest gummy grin.  I can't help but smile in awe at how perfect you are.
I took you to the doctor for your 9m check up on 9.28.12.  You are a peanut!  You and Ryan both are the tiniest little things.  You are a whopping 14.8lbs and 27inches long.  You're 5oz smaller than Ryan was when he turned 9 months and a little more than an inch longer.  This time around, nobody's worried.  Daddy and I make tiny babies and you're perfectly healthy.
You do everything you're supposed to do, you roll, crawl, sit up by yourself, pull up on stuff, you even walk along the couch!  Ahhh.  You're growing too fast.

Yesterday you turned 9 months (officially.)  Daddy had a meeting so right before he came home I found a cute little outfit for you and had you all ready to take pictures.  We drove over to Agua Caliente Park.  As soon as I set you down, you wanted me to sit with you.  Ryan and I decided to take a little walk around the park so you could give all of your attention to daddy.  As we were walking away, I watched Daddy play with you.  I heard him baby talk you and tickle you and kiss you.  Sometimes I think there is no way anyone could love you as much as I do, but I know Daddy does.  You're a lucky baby.. & we're so lucky to have you.

Happy 9 months little Love.

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  1. I can't believe he's so big! 9 months already. I looooove Ryan's face when Jakey pulled up on him. Your posts always make me miss having two babies, life with two big kids is so different. Love those boys. ❤