Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Beginning of Fall

I think everyone looks forward to Fall.  I know I do.  Cooler weather and holidays.  This year Fall started on a Saturday, Sept 22.  Jakey woke up nice and early!  He was excited for Fall just as much as momma was.  We decided to start our morning with an early morning walk.  There was a yard sale two streets over from ours so we decided to stop by.  We got Ryan 5 pairs of pajamas, a shirt for Jake, and a car ramp for both of them.  I love yard sales and good deals.
Everytime we push Jake in the buggy he always gets so excited and grabs on to the steering wheel.  It makes my heart smile.  He's so sweet.

By the time we came back from our morning walk, Ryan was awake and he wanted to go for a walk too so we dragged out the wagon.  I can't wait until it's a little bit cooler so we can go on nice, long  family walks.

 Ryan likes when I pull them in the street.  He makes this obnoxious screeching sound while giggline and covers his ears.  Riding in the street is loud and bumpy.
They had a literacy event at the Children's Museum so I wanted to take the kids.  Outside the museum, there was a table set up for free books for the kids.  Ryan picked out a Barney book.  Of course.

& Jake picked out a book about sea animals, but he spent most of the time eating it instead of reading.

I enjoy going on Field Trips with my second graders to the museum, but it's more for preschoolers & younger elementary grades than it was for my 2 year old.  Ryan was interested in the lego table.  He could play legos all day.  The other room he liked was the food room.  There was a room where you could plant vegetables, go shopping, and it had a little kitchen.  Ryan spent a majority of the time planing carrots.  He planted every carrot the Children Museum had.

After a couple of hours of legos and carrots, we all got hungry and headed home.
That night, before bed, I pulled out Ryan's 1st Halloween costume and tried it on Jake.  Isn't he a cute little monkey?

& Here's Ryan wearing it.  I think Jake liked it a little more.
Happy Fall!

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