Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ryan's First Trip to the Dentist

I booked Ryan's first dental appointment for Sept 24 @ 4:45 pm.  & Honestly, I was pretty excited about it.  I thought he would do a great job.  I wanted to see how the dentist would examine his teeth and how Ryan would respond to it.  The office I took him to was pretty neat.  They had toys for the kids, books, and two tvs playing "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs."  We waited only long enough for me to fill out some paperwork while boys played with Daddy.
When the dental assistant called Ryan's name, we walked back together.  She took us back to our room, sat us in the chair, and asked a few questions.  I told her that I did not have any concerns about Ryan's teeth, yes, I brushed his teeth every day,  no, I do not floss his teeth, and no, he does not fall asleep with a sippy cup.
She leaned the chair back so that we could watch the TV on the ceiling, but Ryan had no interest in the TV, he wanted to read his book.  After waiting about 5 minutes the dentist came in the room.  They had me sit sideways on the chair and have Ryan facing me with his legs around my waist and lean him backwards so they could look at his teeth.  She put her gloves on and stuck her fingers in his mouth and he clenched down and would not let her look in his mouth.  She tried using the little mirrors they have, he let her use that for half a second and he shut his mouth again.  Then, she grabbed a tooth brush to try and bribe him, again, that lasted for half a second.  & then she was all done!  All done?  What did she do?  Pretty much nothing.  She looked at his teeth for a total of 1.5 seconds and had me sit him up.
The only thing she really told me was to make sure he drinks plenty of water and that he shouldn't have chocolate or strawberry milk.  Waste of insurance money?  Probably.  & you know what?  I still give him strawberry and chocolate milk a couple times a week.  But I scheduled another appointment in 6 months anyways.
He did get a goody bag with a sticker, tooth brush, and tooth paste.

Tooth paste isn't too exciting for a two year old.  The dentist told me that toddlers don't need tooth paste.  That the tooth brush alone will get rid of the junk on their teeth.  So I wonder why she gave me tooth paste, and regular crest toothpaste. 

& here's Jake playing while Ryan looks at his toothpaste.


  1. I had so much fun reading this! I asked our dentist about taking Reese, and they told me not to for another year because for the most part, its usually the toddler screaming and the dentist trying to peek at their teeth! At least Ryan didn't scream! ;)

  2. I took Brady when he was 1 year old and had 8 teeth, which is the "requirement" to go to the dentist, apparently. They didn't do much, but they looked at his teeth, said we were doing a good job brushing them and etc... They said the most important thing about going every 6 months is to get them used to going so they won't be scared later, it will just be a routine thing.