Thursday, January 31, 2013

The End Of January

It's always hard to believe when a month is over and a new month is about to begin.  I always get excited over a new month though.
January was definitely a good month.  My babies are so perfect and getting so big.  Ryan's turning into a little terrible two toddler- Okay he has been one for a couple months now.  However, he is super easy to entertain and can easy be distracted into being a good boy.
Ryan's language this month has totally taken off!  At the end of Decemeber/beginning of January Ryan's words had finally reached over 100 words.. he is now over 150.  He is learning new words constantly.  He is saying new phrases daily.  He even ran into one of Jakey's old pacifiers, picked it up and said "Jakey sucker."  Tim & I always called them suckers... but we got rid of them 6 months ago when Jake turned 7 months and Ryan just NOW said the word "sucker."  Isn't that crazy how little baby brains work??
He may not be talking as much as other toddlers his age.. but it's finally taking off!  I am so happy for him that he is finally able to express things he wants without getting frustrated.  Even though he doesn't talk a lot, he sure is smart.  He knows so many things.  We're still working on colors.  He likes blue.  I think it's his favorite :)
This picture totally sums up my life as a mommy of two toddlers.  One of them is always hanging on my legs.
Ryan & Jakey spent so much time together this month just playing together.  They love being in the same room together and I can now leave them in the same room to play while I do dishes.. or whatever else I need to do.  However, it's usually dishes.  If I walk around holding Jake, Ryan will run up to me, "Momma? Jakey play Jakey play?"  It makes my heart smile.
Jake officially became a toddler this month!! At the beginning of the month he started standing on his own.  He goes from sitting to standing pretty well and will just stand there.  He started taking 2-3 steps at a time but couldn't make it past 3 steps.  On January 14, I got Jakey from his crib in the morning and he was super smiley.  He had two new teeth!  Ryan got both of his bottom teeth on the same day too.  Ryan was 11m 5 days when he got his first two teeth.  Jake was 12m 14 days.  I love little gummy smiles but little teeth are so cute too.  You can see all 4 of his top teeth just about ready to pop through his gums.  I check his mouth every day to see if any more have come through.
On January 24 my little man walked for the first time!  Sure, he was taking 3 steps but he wasn't going anywhere.  I was sitting on the couch and he just let go of the coffee table and walked 10 steps over to get a toy.  Does anyone else get totally emotional with everything their child does?  I remember having tears of joy when Ryan started walking.  Now that Jakey is walking I get teary too.  He doesn't spend too much time walking and hasn't gotten past 3 feet of walking, but he's still trying.  Sweet little guy.
We have been spending a lot of time before bedtime looking at books and reading.  Ryan likes reading books with pop ups.. or ones that make noise.  But he is finally letting me read him normal stories.  Some nights he will sit on my lap as we read book after book.  His favorite is a Fisher Price Zoo book with lift up flaps that his cuzzies, Aiden & Rian, got him for his second birthday.  He calls it "Zoozy zoo."  (Just like the song on Barney!)
Speaking of Barney-- we haven't watched it in a few weeks.  It may be weird, but it actually makes me a little sad.  We have watched Barney, and nothing but Barney, for about 18 months!  Ryan wouldn't even bother watching TV unless Barney was on.  He now likes other shows, Curious George, Dinosaur Train, Super Why & some super obnoxious Cars show on Netflix.  He's becoming such a big boy.  I actually like Dinosaur Train & Super Why.  On Super Why he always calls out the letters with the announcer :) 
Ryan has also been into coloring lately.  "Momma, color!" He lovse his crayons and his coloring books.  He also loves this little table and makes me put Jakey next to him, "Jakey sit" as he points to the chair that is next to him.  So I put Jake next to him and Ryan just giggles away.
Look at him? After 2.5 years, he finally lets me take his pictures and will SMILE at me!  He loves looking at himself on the camera.. so that helps me to get him to smile at me.  "Momma- see!"
Always playing together.  If I put Jakey in the buggy, Ryan will run around the house pushing Jake.  So cute.
We spent a lot of the month inside.  I hate the cold weather and now that January is over-- it's one month close to it being nicer weather.  I can't wait.  I was able to take the babies on a walk this evening while dinner was cooking & I kept thinking to myself how I can't wait for Spring.  I miss taking the kids for a walk every evening.  They behave so well on walks and Ryan just talks and talks about everything he sees.
Jake is still a thumb sucker when he's sleepy.  I don't know how I'll ever take his thumb away.. Maybe he'll just grow out of it.  Tim & I think he looks too cute sucking on his thumb.  He is just the sweetest little thing.
Here are all the random pictures that wouldn't go under a specific post.  So here was our January.   Trying to blog a lot more this year.. so far, so good!


  1. Spring?! What's that? ;) it goes from cold to hot!

    Aiden chose the Zoo book for Ryan because he has one just like it about Halloween- he loves those books!

    1. Rayan looks SO big in that last picture of him by himself. Big boy!