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Citrus Lane- January 2013 Box Review

I have been waiting over  two weeks to be able to post this review!  For Christmas, my mother in law got both of the kids a Citrus Lane Groupon, good for a 3 month subscription.  I am definitely not a Citrus Lane expert, not even close.  However, ever since I redeemed the Groupons on December 31- I have been obsessed!  I googled Citrus Lane blog reviews & checked out the Citrus Lane Facebook Page.  I already loved my box before I even got it.

For anyone who does not know, Citrus Lane is a subscription box service for babies/toddlers/kids from birth to age 5.  Basically, you will receive a surprise box filled with 4-5 (mom approved, top of the line) items tailored to your little ones age.

You can get boxes on a month to month basis for $25/month.. or you can a 6 month subscription for $21 a month!  When I signed up, I put in my little one's name, birthday, and gender to ensure that both Ryan & Jake will receive boxes especially made for them!

Citrus Lane ships their boxes from California on the 15th of every month and arrive on your doorstep between the 17th and 22nd of every month.  Did I mention that you also receive free shipping?!
Okay- on to our goodies!

Both boys were anxious to open their boxes- but I let Ryan open his box first.  Don't mind his lack of clothing.. today was potty training day #1!  Ryan received a 31 month old box.

The boxes are nicely packaged with bright yellow tissue paper.  I wanted to get a picture of the products nicely put together but Ryan had different plans.

Each box contains a list of items you will recieve & a little information about each one.

The first thing we received was a plate and bowl combo pack from Skip Hop.  Do we need another plate and bowl?  No.  But I was still excited about these.  The plates are super cute and bright.  These plates are also durable, which is hard to find in kids' plates these days.  I have been checking out the Skip Hop website lately- especially before Christmas because I really love their new Zoo line.  This set retails for $10.  We also received a code for 25% off a purchase of $30 at Skip Hop.

Next, we got a book from Barefoot Books.  It also came with a CD with an animated video and audio sing along sang by the author.  We have not watched this yet, but I know Ryan will love it as he is totally into music and dancing.  The book is beautiful and has great pictures.  This book retails for $9.99 on the website.  This came with a coupon code for 25% off all Barefoot Book products.

We also recieved soothing cream and a playful wash packet from Episencial.  This lotion is perfect for sensitive skin & is scent free!  They also included a sample of 2-in-1 shampoo and body gel.  This soothing cream retails for $11.This came with a coupon code to save $5 on any purchase.  

I am actually pretty excited about this To-Go disinfectant spray from Clean Well.  This spray is perfect for grocery cart handles and restaurant high chairs.  If you know me, I am constantly cleaning my babies hands and what they are going to be eating off of.  I will keep this one in my purse for all of our outings!  This disinfectant spray retails for $4.

Ryan's 31 month Citrus Lane box had a retail value of $35... & it was sent straight to my door with free shipping!

Next, we opened up Jakey's box.  I let Ryan do the honors since he was so excited about it.  Jake received a 13m box.  I was a little nervous that both boys would receive the same box, but was so happy to see that they did not!
Jake posing with his box.  I was holding Ryan on my lap because he wanted to rip into it!

The product detail list.

The first item we pulled out was a Skip Hop lunchie from Skip Hop.  A few people were complaining that their little ones can't use a lunch box.  Obviously they can't.  However- they can still hold bottles, snacks, and sippy cups!  I can now retire our ugly black shoulder bag I received from the hospital when I gave birth and use this cute little lunch box when we go on picnics to store the kids food!  This retails for $14.

We got a box of Nibbly Fingers from Ella's Kitchen.  I was pretty excited about this one too!  My kids love their snacks and these are perfect for on the go!  They are recommended for ages 12+ which means they will be great for both Ryan & Jake.  The box was already open when I took this picture because ran had to eat one right away!  This came with a coupon code too!  This retails for $3.99.

We got a cute little board book from Barefoot Books.  Glad they chose a board book to include in this month's box because everything goes straight into Jake's mouth and this was the first thing to go in his mouth after we opened his box.  This book retails for $6.99.

& Lastly, we received the lotion & disinfectant spray as well.

The retail value of Jake's 13m box was $40.  Definitely worth it!

Here are my two monkeys enjoying their new books :)

If you would like to check out Citrus Lane, please click the link I just posted.  This will give you $10 off of your order-- even if it's just one box!  Your first box will be $15 & it will also credit me $10 to keep providing my kids with these boxes!  You can cancel your subscription at any time.

I am incredibly pleased with our boxes and surprised I had never heard of subscription boxes before.  The only thing I am bummed about is that I have to wait another month to receive our next box!

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