Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jake's One Year

I know I already wrote a post for Jake on his birthday... and then wrote about his birthday party. I still need to post his 12 month pictures and tell you about his doctor visit.
The day of Jake's actual birthday (Dec 30) I woke up and got ready because I had invited people out to Golden Corral for his birthday breakfast and we were meeting everyone at 10:30am.  I was going to pick up Tim's mom & when I got to my car- it wouldn't start!  I'm usually pretty good about not letting things bother me.. but this did bother me!  It was my baby's birthday & I had already had someone at the restaurant waiting for us.. so what did I do?  I had a meltdown- started crying- & called my mom!
Fast Forward.. we made it to breakfast!  I wanted to go to Golden Corral because Tim, Elyse, Ryan & I went to Golden Corral for his birthday too. 
I filled Jakey's plate up with eggs & he didn't want to eat!  He sat in his chair like a good little boy.. & didn't eat.
"What's going on, mom?"

Grandma snuck in a rice krispy treat on a stick for Ryan.
After Ryan finished eat he ran over to Jakey to play.  Have I mentioned how much he loves his brother?  It melts my heart every.single.time.  They are so sweet. 
Then I started thinking back to a year ago.  The moment when my mom brought Ryan to the hospital to meet Jakey for the first time & he loved him then too :)
Our server asked me if I wanted them to sing Happy Birthday to Jake.  Did I?  Of course I did!!  They sang to him & brought him a little piece of cake with a candle that momma got to blow out and make a wish on.
Jake fell asleep on the way home.  My parents, grandparents and niece came over for a few hours before they had to head back to Yuma.  Sweet little Jakey slept the whole day!  What a party pooper.
Eventually, I woke him up because I wanted Tim to take his pictures before the sun went down.  We headed downtown to take pictures.  The weather was pretty nice & it wasn't too cold so I was happy.
A lot of pictures are similar but I couldn't help myself!  I also brought a cake because I wanted to do a cake smash.  It was too cold and Jakey just cried when I took his clothes off! So.. the weather didn't end up getting any warmer so momma ended up eating the cake all by herself.
I told Tim he needed to do 15m cake smash pictures because I still wanted them!  It's too bad my baby was born in the middle of winter.
We ended our Jake's first birthday with dinner at Fuddruckers.  Yum!
Jake had his 12m check up on January 2nd.  He was 16lbs 5 oz & ABOUT 27.5 inches long.  I say about because he was measured by 3 different people and they all had something different.  Last, but not least, he is still perfect :)  His pediatrician told us that his growth was right on track & that I could start him on rice milk.  But I haven't yet started it.. I wanted to give him about another month on formula and then I will gradually make the switch from Alimentum to rice milk.


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  1. The pictures of Ryan and Jake at the restaraunt! ❤❤❤