Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cold Weather

I don't know what's going on with Tucson lately, but we are on a 5 day cold streak of temps in the 40s!  & I have to say, I absolutely hate it.  I will gladly take 100 degree weather over freezing cold any day.
Last Winter, Tim wanted to go up in the mountains to take Ryan to see the snow.  For whatever reason, that never worked out.  Every time it snows in the mountains this year, he talks about taking the kids up to see the snow.
I am from Yuma, Arizona... probably one of the hottest places in the US.. seriously.  Okay- maybe not.  I have seen snow only a handful of times. 
The first time I saw snow I was a junior in high school.  My family and I drove up to Colorado to spend Christmas with my brothers.  While we were there we drove up to the mountains to see the snow.
The second time I saw snow, it was actually pretty exciting.  In January 2007, it snowed in Tucson (after living here for 9 years I have seen it snow twice.)  It was my first time seeing snow fall.  I don't think I even cared about how cold it was outside.  My roommates and I played in ths snow, built a little snowman and a turtle & threw snow at each other.  We took a ton of pictures, which I'll have to find someone-- they are somewhere stored in internet space.

The third time I saw snow was January 2008.  Tim & I and our friends Jennifer and Bryan went up to the white mountains for New Years Eve.  (There we are down below!)  I went sledding for the first time in my life.. hopefully the last time too :)  It was fun.. for a while.  Until my fingers felt like they were going to fall off.  I did everything I could ever want to do in snow.  I went on a sled.. I made a snow angel.. I wrote in the snow with my fingers and I threw snow balls.

The fourth time I saw snow, was February 2010. I was pregnant with Ryan, Tim had woken me up in the middle of the night to go see. I went downstairs and looked out the garage and then went back to sleep. Eh. It was only snow & it was too cold for me! That next morning there was still snow on the ground and my little monsters at work were so excited about it.
That brings me to the fifth time I saw snow, this past weekend, January 12, 2013.  Tim has been talking about it for a couple years now and I finally gave in on Friday night when I looked at Tim and asked "Hey, did you want to go up to Mount Lemmon tomorrow?"
That is how this day began.  We made breakfast in the morning.  Tim grilled up some hot dogs and hamburgers to take up to the mountains.  He popped some popcorn.  I packed diapers, sippy cups, mayonaise and ketchup. 
I don't think they even sell snow gear anywhere in Tucson.  I took the babies in their rooms and put a couple pairs of socks on them, pajamas, long sleeved shirts, sweat pants, more pants, more long sleeved shirts, sweaters.. and once we were out of the car, jackets.  Jakey actually had on two jackets.  The kids had five different layers on them. 
Jakey actually made me giggle.  He had so much clothes on him that he looked like a little rollie pollie and he couldn't even put his arms straight down; they stuck out.
We got out of the car, took some pictures, walked around for a few minutes and then went back in the car to warm up.. & this process repeated again.. two more times.
Whoever actually enjoys cold weather is crazy.  Being cold is probably the worst feeling.. if it's not the worst, well then it's pretty close.  My fingers hurt. My nose hurt.. My body hurt.  I had lots of layers and on and I was still cold.  Maybe that's why some people wear face masks with little eye holes cut out of them.
We drove back down the mountain because I wanted to eat and it got warmer the further down the mountain you were.  Well, it only felt like half a degree warmer.  We got out of the car.. took a few more pictures.   Then I asked Tim if we could eat in the car.  No way was I going to sit down at a picnic bench and let my booty freeze. 
We got back in the car & ate our popcorn.  I decided I didn't want to eat in the car, I wanted to go back into town and have a picnic.
Before we left, we stopped to say "hello" to a dog.   Ryan laughed and laughed as the dog licked his face.
We drove into town & had a picnic at the park.  We let Ryan run around and play for a few minutes & then sat down to have our hot dogs and hamburgers.  We decided it was too cold to stay any longer and went home.
When we got home, I checked the weather and it wasn't even in the 40s yet!
If I learned anything this day, I learned that I could care less if I never see snow again.. and if I do, I will be wearing a beanie that covers my head with the eyes cut out.


  1. But you will go again, as soon as the boys are old enough to bat those blue eyes at you and ask. Because you are a good mom, and I know that is the only thing that gets me up that mountain. I get it though, I hate the cold! I am ready for spring!

  2. That looks fun! I like the cold, we never get it! I'd take it over 100 degree weather!