Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dinner Menu- Week 2

When I planned last week's dinner menu.. I was on a roll so I actually planned this week's menu also.


Hamburgers & Hot dogs


This one is one of my favorites! After the first time Tim & I ate them, we wanted them for Ryan's second birthday party.




I have never made this casserole.. but it looks so good  (& so unhealthy!)  Yikes.  I'll let you know how it tastes.


Just a fun way to make pizza :)



I stole this picture online too.  Tim doesn't make tacos like this, I do.  But tonight is Tim's taco night, not mine!  I'll have to pay attention to what he does when he makes his tacos so I can share the recipe with you. He mixes ground beef with saltine crackers, salt, pepper, and garlic salt... maybe something else.. I'm not sure.  Anways, he mixes it all together and puts a little in a corn tortilla.  He folds the corn tortilla in half and fries them in a skillet.  I'll try to remember to take pictures and post the recipe.


... leftovers!

This week I only took 3 recipes from Pinterest.  I love Pinterest for dinner ideas.

Dinner menu shopping list:  cooking spray,  potatoes, tomato, cheese, corn tortillas and crackers. I have all the other ingredients needed.  Love small shopping lists :)  Next weeks will probably be bigger.


  1. We have hamburgers almost every Monday night! Or something grilled since Steven's home. We make our tacos similar to Tim's- just ground beef, salt pepper and garlic powder though. Put the patty in the tortilla and fry. My grandma's recipe- yum!

    1. The taco recipe is Tim's grandma's too!