Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Week of Christmas

The week of Christmas was pretty special.  I guess it's more like the week before.  My last day of work before Winter vacation was Dec 19 & I got out at 11:30am.  We headed up to Yuma on Dec 21 because our sweet little niece had a very special 3rd birthday the next day that we couldn't miss.
Rian- "Rianlicious."  She had the cutest little Pinkalicious party.
The next day, Rebecca & Steven and Tim & I were getting the babies dedicated at church.  My grandpa dedicated the kids & Rebecca's dad and my dad said a special prayer for us.  It was pretty special to have our families up on stage with us.
We spent the day baking cookies & Ryan wanted to help.  He stuck a measuring spoon in the mix and tried stiring.
Christmas Eve consisted of baking cookies all day long & looking at Christmas lights that night.  Ryan helped us decorate the cookies.
We couldn't end Christmas Eve without a letter to Santa.  Ryan's first letter to Santa :)  Daddy helped Ryan write his letter.
Ryan was pretty excited about Santa coming that night.  After we took the picture, I went to put my camera on the counter and Ryan started eating Santa's cookies so we had to put them up on the counter until Ryan went to bed. :)
Christmas was so fun this year!  Ryan was so excited about checking out the goodies in his stocking.  He helped Jakey look through his too.  Their favorite stocking gift was their tooth brushes.  They spent at least 20 minutes chewing on their tooth brushes and brushing their teeth.
Santa left the boys a train of hotwheel cars around the tree and Ryan kept saying "A car!....A car!... A car!" over and over and over.  He brought them over to momma one by one so I could open them up for him.

Ryan loved opening up all his presents and got excited over all of them.  New shoes & new cars!
Jakey was even able to pull the paper off of his presents too.

More presents.
We loved watching them open their presents.  I am so excited for next year when the kids are a little bigger and have even more fun opening up their presents and seeing their gifts from Santa.
That night Jakey was super snuggly and we took advantage of it and snuggled right along with him.
We had to leave Yuma the day after Christmas so we could go to Tim's parent's house and have  Christmas with them.  The kids love their grandparents!
We came home to another Christmas presents.  The kids got personalized puzzles from their Auntie Loni.  They love them!  Ryan knows all the lowercase letters too.  He's getting so smart.
My two week vacation was nice.  Lots of time spent with my parents and lots of time with Tim's parents as well.  A sweet little girl turned 3 and our little Jakey turned 1.  & I didn't cook dinner once :)



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  1. Imagine how much fun we could always have if you guys lived here! ;) That picture of us at church makes me see how ridiculously bad I need a haircut! I need to stop being lazy already.