Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Meal Planning

I have tried several times to meal plan. I have gone a whole week and even up to two quite a few times, and then for whatever reason, stop.  I like cooking dinner for my husband and kids.  However, not knowing what I want to eat, or what Tim wants to eat can get pretty annoying when I open the freezer, then fridge, and pantry... repeat.
So this year, I would like to be better at meal planning.  I'm also going to write it all down here.  I have frequently google searched "meal planning" to see what everyone else is eating for dinner.  I don't care about what's "healthiest" or "organic."  If it tastes good, I'll eat it.  & Many things to Pinterest for making my meal planning so much easier than ever before!

The picture on Pinterest doesn't link to anywhere- at least mine doesn't.  You don't really need any words (just follow the picture!)... roast, 1 packet of brown gracy, a packet of ranch, and a packet of italian dressing in the crockpot.  Yum!




Sunday... left overs

All pictures are stolen from the websites I got the recipes from and all recipes are underneath the pictures, just click on the link!

My shopping list of this week consisted of: sour cream, egg noodles & lasagna noodles.. everything else was already in my house!  Not bad.

If I ever wake up and don't feel like eating a meal that night, I just swap meals with a different day of the week & I still have all ingredients I need.


  1. Three of those are some of my favorites! This post made me so hungry! I hate the weeks we grocery shop spur of the moment and I don't have our meals planned.

  2. I have checked your blog and posted a new post on mine. I will never meet your standards! hahaha! I'm trying these recipes! I will de-gluten them!

  3. I tried four of these recipes, I served a salad along side of them. The kids loved the enchiladas and the pizza casserole, so I will use them again. I hope you keep posting meal planning ideas.