Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What a Difference a Year Makes

"We spent the day at the park at a birthday party. That was definitely a day where I learned for the millionth time that parenting is meant for two. Tim had to leave after only half an hour because he had to work. So I'm trying to be super mom and balance both kids. One wanted to go exploring and the other wanted to be held. I love holding Jake & I love exploring with Ryan. But both at the same time? At a park? With jungle gyms? Not so much. I couldn't chase Ryan up the jungle gyms and catch him at the bottom of the slide while holding Jake. Not to mention, the party just happened to run through 1:00 and past 1:00. Naptime. Perfect. Two babies wanting two completely different things and now they are both whiney because it's naptime.
Needless to say, the birthday party was not a success."
I took that from a blog entry I had written a year ago.  This past week (3.23) Tim & I were invited to a birthday party for a family friend.  We spent the morning running erands, had a lunch date at Chipotle (yuuuuuum!!) and came home to take naps.  At 4:00 we got ready for the birthday party. 
As we were pulling into the park I started having flashbacks of last year's birthday party.  It was on St. Patrick's Day.  Jake was only 2.5 months old and Ryan was 21 months old.  Jake was still in his super fussy stage and Ryan was the ever exploring toddler.  Tim had left early, and after only half an hour, I was feeling so overwhelmed.  Taking care of two babies is no joke.  Taking care of two toddlers is a lot of work too.. but after a while it just becomes so routine that it becomes easy.
Getting the boys out of the car, I just kept remembering how rough last years party was for me.

This time, the party was later! Jake got to take a little nap, but I still had to wake him up.. but he was still so sweet. Ryan was able to run all over the place without me worrying about what he could and could not do. He's big enough to do it all by himself now!
Ryan was so intrigued by all the big kids.  There were bikes, scooters, footballs, soccer balls, Ryan loved it all!  He would stare at the big kids riding their bikes and throwing the balls around.
He definitely needs some of his own big boy toys!  Good think his 3rd birthday is in just 3 short months, I know exactly what to get him. 
The weather was perfect, the food was good, and the company was great.
Ryan even got in line to hit the pinata.  He didn't need any help swinging the big stick or hitting the pinate and he loved it.  Look at that sweet smile. 
What a difference a year can make?  Babies don't stay little forever.  Yes, my babies are still so little, but they are so much bigger and more independent than they were last year. 
Love days like today.

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