Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Easter 2013

The only picture I got of their Easter baskets this year!  The Easter bunny came after midnight so the lighting was bad and I didn't have my regular camera so I had to use my phone.  I love the way the Easter baskets looked on our table.  The kids each got new bathing suits, Jakey & Ryan got new flip flops, and the boys got a few of their favorite snacks & Ryan got a new sippy cup.  Elyse got some candy and other small things.  I was excited for Easter morning :)
My niece, Kylie stayed the night.  Elyse, Kylie, and Ryan woke up pretty early and there was no way I could keep them out of the living room, so Jakey opened his a little later.. and Tim slept in a few more hours because he had an all day event the day before.
I always wonder what Ryan thinks when he wakes up on holidays and he just has stuff waiting for him.. He was pretty excited to dig into his basket.  The Easter Bunny was smart thing year and put peanut butter eggs in his basket so he wanted those right away!  Ahh.. I took the rest out of his basket when he wasn't looking... sneaky sneaky.

The sleepy, yet excited kids.
Checking out what the bunny brought him!
Right after the kids were done opening their baskets, Jakey woke up!  I was surprised.. he usually sleeps in longer but has been waking up a little earlier lately.  He liked his fruit pouches the best.
Not ready for pictures so early in the morning.
Still playing with his basket!
I made the kids french toast and cleaned up the kitchen before my parents came over.  We had church at 11.  Tim & I finally found a church on our side of town.  When we were engaged we lived on the opposite side of town 45 mintues away and found a church we loved.. we went there for over two years and have only gone a handful of times since Ryan has been born.  I just felt guilty spending an hour and a half in the car every Sunday when I could have been spending that time at home with my kids..  The week before Easter we tried out a church that is about 4-5 minutes from our house, if that.  We love it and I'm so happy we finally found something so close to home!  It's been nice going every weekend again.
After church we all went to Grandma R's house for an Easter egg hunt and some prime rib dinner.  Ryan was pretty good at finding all of his eggs.  Jakey dropped a couple along the way and they cracked.. but he had fun and he liked looking at the eggs.
The boys were cute admiring all the Easter eggs and of course, Ryan was counting them, this kid counts everything.
Elyse is so sweet with her brothers.. She plays with them, reads them stories, lets them sit on her lap, she spends so much time with them when she's here and they both adore her.
After we ate dinner, my parents had to leave back to Yuma.. and like always, it's always sad when they go.  We spent the rest of the day outside until it got dark.  Ryan was running around, the girls were playing baseball with Uncle Wes, Aunt Caitlyn blew bubbles with Ryan.  Does anyone else get all warm and fuzzy inside when they watch their familes members play with their kids?  I love to see how much other people love my kids.
Poor Jakey didn't take a nap.  I was going to lay him down at Grandma's but she doesn't really have any dark rooms at her house and I didn't think Jake would just fall asleep in a super bright room.  He spent a long time just sitting in people's laps sucking his thumb.  Elyse was enjoying holding Jakey while he was trying to fall asleep.  Finally, Uncle Tom took him and rocked him to sleep and he past out for a couple hours and just slept on the living room floor.
Our Easter was so much fun.  We got to spend the whole day with all three of our kids, both sides of our family, lots of time for playing and eating a delicious meal.
Even thought I'm over 3 weeks late- Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. I like Ryan's bathing suit! And yes on them running big! Aiden has a pair of 2t trunks that still didn't fit him last summer.

    Love the picture of Jake on Elyse. <3