Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jake- 15 Months

I have been meaning to do an update about Jake since he's 15 months now.. I uploaded some pictures from my phone yesterday... & then I realized that my little baby will be 16 months in just FIVE days!
I read my Ryan's 15 month post last night and I could basically copy/paste everything I said about Ryan..
Ryan is the best thing in the world- he IS our world. Our world revolves around him, playing with him, making him happy.
I feel the same way about Jake.  Jake is so sweet and so perfect.  I catch myself staring at him constantly just thinking about how cute he is.  He is the sweetest and most laid back guy.  He's still a little observer.  He likes to just sit back and watch everything that's going on.  He's so calm and content.  He's always happy and he's so flexible.. he's okay with an early nap or a late nap.  He's okay if we stay out a little past his bedtime.
He doesn't talk yet, he doesn't even say any words.  He babbles a few sounds and makes the sound of mama and dada, but they are never directed towards Tim or I.  He's pretty quiet but will make funny noises when you tell him "No!"
Up until Jake was 8 months old, I felt like it was so hard for me to enjoy my time with him because he was always screaming at me.  I spent so much time trying to calm him down and make him happy.  I always felt guilty about that.  Ryan was the BEST baby.  He didn't really give me any problems and everything with him was so natural.  He slept, he ate, he snuggles, he did everything right.
These last 8 months I feel like we've been making up for all the time we lost in the first 8 months.  I still spent a lot of time holding him, but he's okay if I put him down.  He runs around and plays on the floor with all the toys.  He will sit on the couch and snuggle with me when I need a snuggle.  He still lets me hold him when he's drinking his milk.
Speaking of milk, I started giving him whole milk right before he turned 15 months.  He eats anything we eat.  He is SUCH an eater!  It makes me happy because Ryan's always been picky.  Sometimes Ryan will eat and sometimes he doesn't.  But Jake always eats.  Jake usually finishes his food and then will eat the second half of Ryans food too. 
Jake's bandaids from his 15 month check up.  He was so good during his whole appointment.  He screamed when the needles went into his leg but stopped crying the second I picked him up and held him.
Jake likes helping me with the dishes.. (more like playing in the dishwasher.)  He usually will stand next to the dishwasher and roll his cars around in the door.  He likes me to hold him while I cook and he watches every little thing I do.
He loves to be silly.  He is so silly and spends so much time giggling.

Always eating.


We spend a lot of time playing with cars and going for walks around the neighborhood.
Another thing Jake does a lot of is sleep!  He goes to bed every night at 7:45pm and wakes up the next morning between 8-9am.  He naps at about 12-1 until around 4.  He sleeps about 16 hours a day, that leaves only 8 hours of awake time.  I'm starting to wonder if he sleeps too much.  Or maybe he's just like mommy, and loves his sleep!

Jake is :
18lbs 8oz (with his clothes on)
29 inches long ... Yes, we make small babies.
12 month clothes
size 2 or 3 diapers (I have a lot of size 2 diapers left so he still wears both)
size 2 shoes
size 3/6m swim trunks from Old Navy- Does anyone else notice swim trunks run big on toddlers?
He has the biggest blue eyes and big cute ears too!  He has 6 teeth- 4 on the bottom and 2 on the top.
I couldn't ask for a better toddler.
I found this picture of Jakey last night on the computer, it's from his 10m shoot.  He's so cute!

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