Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Rest of Spring Break

Here I am backdating stuff again.  I wanted to talk about the rest of Spring Break (which was what? 5 weeks ago?)  Spring Break was so nice and LONG.  We had 11 days off of work.  Then I went to work on Wednesday (half day for 3 hours,) Thursday, and then I took off Friday because it was Elyse's last full day in town.
One of the things I love about our new church is their is a big playground where the kids can play!  We take them to play every Sunday after church and they love it!

This is the kids at the park down the street.  I was having a hard time letting them be little and poor sand all over themselves!  But I did it, and then brought them home to take baths.  It took forever to get all of the sand out of their hair and it made my bathtub so gross.

We also went to the library.  Did I already mention that Ryan now has his own library book and picks out his library books all by himself?  When did my baby get so big?!

We also took the kids to "Kids' Club" at the mall.  They made their own Easter puppets and had a little Easter egg hunt.

After the whole week off, Elyse came into town on Friday morning, March 29th.  I already blogged about her first three days here.

One of the days we ate lunch at Peter Piper.  This picture is pretty awful but I like it because it shows just how big they are.  Jake is getting so big.  Elyse took Ryan up the slide a bunch.  Which is nice because then I don't have to climb up there.

We did a little photoshoot with Elyse. 

I wanted to post this picture because I think it's funny.  My kids in the backseat!  Tim wants a new (bigger) car and personally, I like not having a car payment.  However, looking at how squished my kids are, I was leaning towards getting a new car.  We'll see.  I still want to wait two years.

We went swimming 4 different times.  Elyse always wanted to swim.  I'm looking forward to swimming a lot moer this summer.  Last year I had Ryan in swim lessons because we didn't really have access to a pool.  Now that we have a community pool I'm really hoping to teach him how to swim! He made a lot of progress last year in just a few weeks last summer and now that he's three I think I'll be able to get him swimming if I work with him enough.

Elyse's last day here, we had Kylie and we all decided to go bowling.  Tim's brother, Tom & his girlfriend, Caitlyn, and Tim's mom all came too.  It was a lot of fun.  I didn't know that Ryan was old enough to bowl!  He was so cute and he had so much fun.  His little bowling shoes were adorable.

Last stop of Elyse's visit was the swap meet.  She wanted to take mexican candy back to Chicago with her.


Our last morning was sad, as usual.  Elyse said to me "Don't you wish I could stay til Sunday afternoon?  That way I could be here an extra day and a half."  The good news is that she will be back at the beginning of June!  Only two months away from each other this time.

 Spring break was a million more memories to add to our book of life.

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  1. I love little bowling shoes! Our PeterPiper doesn't have a slide! Just games and a few little rides, boring.