Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day

[Mother's Day Weekend]
My parents were going to be in Sierra Vista- about an hour away, for Mother's Day weekend.  My Aunt Betty & Uncle Bert & there 4 children (who live in Georgia) were going to be in Sierra Vista so my parents were going there for the weekend to spend some time with them.  Since that's pretty close to us- they invited us to come out on Saturday afternoon and stay the night.  I was excited about a mini getaway and to see some family.

Before we headed out of town- we had a baseball game to go to on Friday night.  It was our first UofA baseball game and we were pretty excited.  When we got there we got nachos and hotdogs and watched the beginning of the game.  We had good seats, too.  However, the other team kept getting run after run while we were stuck on one run.  We ended up losing like 23-1, I think.  It was pretty awful!  The kids were troopers and did well the whole game.
The next afternoon we headed out to Tombstone to meet up with my parents.  We went to a couple of shows and walked around the small town.  We only had a few hours to spend there. 
We watched a pretty neat gun show and took some pictures with the guys- I can't get them to upload with good quality!  Oh well.
After leaving Tombstone we headed to Sierra Vista to get some dinner.  We were all so hungry so we went to Golden Corral- yuuum.  I love buffets.  Jake was in the middle of eating dinner and he threw up his food, so I took his plate away and my mom and I had to take him to the restroom to clean him up.  He had already thrown up earlier in Tombstone & I only brought him one extra outfit, which he had now thrown up on.  After we left the restaurant my parents went to Walmart to get Jake some pedialite and a new outfit.  He was spitting up and had awful diarrhea.  Poor guy.
Jake's first time at a hotel!
Later that night, we met up with my aunt, uncle, and cousins!  It was good to see them.  I hadn't seen them since the day I got married.  I like when Ryan and Jake get to meet new family members.  We were up pretty late that night and Jake didn't get a nap all day.
The next day we woke up bright and early to get some breakfast in the hotel lobby.  Jake was still spitting up his food.  I felt so sad for him because he loves to eat and he just wasn't having it.  After breakfast we packed up and headed home.
I came home to this :)
Happy Mother's Day to me!
There were rose petals on the floor leading to Jakey's room where there was a bouquet of tulips, Ryan had rose petels in his room too.  I went to get my camera to take a picture but Ryan had cleaned it all up by the time I got my camera.  He doesn't like messes- just like mommy.
My parents stayed for a few hours.  I laid Jake down for a nap around 2, maybe, I can't remember.  The poor guy slept the whole day until the next morning at 9, when I woke him up!
The past two Mother's Days we've had picnics.  I didn't want to go on a picnic with Jake being sick so Tim got us some burritos and we had a picnic in our living room and watched Gold Rush.
The next morning, I felt awful.  I went to work but left after 10 minutes.  I came home to wake Jake up since he had been sleeping for 19 hours.  This was the first time he was sick and I felt so sad.  Jake and I spent all morning laying on the couch and then spent the rest of the day sleeping.  This was the first time I've called into work sick in like 8 years.  I'm never sick!  I took three naps and Jakey laid in bed with me most of the day.  Thankfully, we went to sleep early and woke up Tuesday as good as new!
Happy Mother's Day to all the special moms in our lives!

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  1. I laughed out loud when I read about Ryan cleaning up the petals! :)