Monday, April 22, 2013

Pre-Easter Festivities!

I'm updating about BEFORE Easter--- Only 3 weeks late!
Elyse came into town on Friday, March 30 at 9:50am.  For once, she came early enough in the day that we were able to spend the day together.  Unfortunately, Tim had to leave the day before at 3:30 to get to Chicago- He stayed in the airport for 7 hours before their flight back.  I thought he might be a little sleepy when I picked him up.  I want to be better at documenting our time together, because we don't get much.  In fact, it had been 8 months and 24 days since we had seen her!
The boys and I picked them up at the airport- we made a stop at McDonalds to get some lunch & then headed to the zoo.  We only spend about an hour at the zoo because I could tell Tim was sleepy.  We came home so Jakey could nap and Tim could rest.
After Jake wokeu up, the first thing Elyse wanted to do was swim. Which wasn't a surprise! 

We headed down to the pool and swam a few hours.  I liked staying a little behind and watching Daddy with his babies.  :)  Elyse helped Tim make pork chops & Elyse loved them.. which was nice because a few years ago she always complained when we made meat for dinner.  Now she eats everything we cook her and tells us how good it is.

The next day we took the kids to an Easter egg hunt at a church down the street... & This is where I get a little sad.  Most of my pictures were taken on my Cannon camera- however, later that day Tim took it to a wedding with him and the videographer STILL has my memory card!  It has all of my pictures from the Easter egg hunt and I'm hoping he didn't erase them and use my memory card at the wedding.  That's why I've been postponing blogging- but I'm getting so far behind so all of these pictures are from my phone.
The kids were SO cute!  It was Jakey's first egg hunt- which is why I want my memory card back!  Elyse helped the kids fill their baskets and we sat in the grass to check out our goodies.  Jake would NOT let go of his basket.  I took it from him to buckle him in his carseat and he screamed!
We couldn't stay at the church too long because Tim had a wedding to photograph.  We didn't get to do any of the jumping castles or obstacle courses but we were able to sit in the grass for a little bit and eat some popcorn.  Or "pop pop" as Ryan calls it.


Taking a self portrait of a family of 5 isn't easy- but we tried and I think they turned out perfect!

My niece Kylie came over to spend the night and spend time with Elyse.. My parents also came into town because it was their year to spend Easter here.
My dad stayed with the girls, Jakey napped, and my mom and I took Ryan to the bookstore for some Easter crafts.

I love that my phone has a front camera-- Ryan loves to look at himself on the screen and smiles everytime :)

We came home with pizza and what did the girls want to do?  Well, swim ofcourse!  Jakey was still napping when we got home and Ryan took a nap when we got home so my mom and I took the girls to the pool.  The girls were pretty cute.  They were pretending to be a dolphin and a dolphin trainer and put on a bunch of shows for us.

We came home and dyed Easter eggs.  Elyse acted like she didn't want to dye Easter eggs and only wanted to do one.. she actually stayed and dyed eggs until there was no more to dye!  Ryan loved it and Jake was pretty cute too.  He loved seeing the cups up close and watching himself drop eggs into the cup.


We ate some pizza on the back patio.. and came inside to rest and get ready for the Easter bunny!

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  1. Ryan's face with the bunny!!! :) I hope you get your card back soon and it has all of your pictures!