Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Citrus Lane- October 2013

Ryan and Jake received their Citrus Lane boxes earlier this week.  Ryan was a subscriber from Jan-August.  I canceled after the August box for money reasons.  Then at the end of September I had a code for BOGO.  I checked my Citrus Lane account and I had a $20 credit.  So basically, I got 2 boxes for $5.

Jake received Citrus Lane from Jan-March through Groupon.  His grandma saw how much he loved the boxes so she renewed his subscription for three months.  So, Jake will be getting Oct-December boxes.

Citrus Lane is a subscription box service that is curated for children aged 0-5 years.  It's been around for a couple of years, but I didn't hear of it until last October.  Each box has 4-5 items that are designed for your child based on age and gender.. or you can select neutral when signing up.  If your little one isn't born yet, you can put your due date in when signing up.  The boxes ship from California on the 15th of each month and arrive between the 17th-22nd.  Also, the cut off date for each month is the 5th.  If you order after the 5th of the month, you will receive next month's box.
I tried really hard to get a decent picture of the boys with their boxes.. But getting a one year old  and a three year old to look and smile at the same time isn't easy.  Especially when they are both holding boxes they knew are for them.. they just wanted to get inside and open them.

Our first box is for a 3 year old.. or as Citrus Lane calls him.. a 40 month old.

1.  Dreamz & Twinkles To Go from Cloud B ($20.95)
This is a little night light.  It actually lights up and you can see stars and fish on the walls and ceiling.  Both boys LOVED this.  It was, by far, the best thing from both of the boxes.   It glows in either blue or green.  We have some other Cloud B stuff that the boys love, including the Twinkle Turtle and 2 of the scented lamb pillows.

2. Rhythm Sticks from Hohner Kids ($6.06)
I'm glad they decided to add some musical instruments to the boxes this month, however, Ryan doesn't show any interest in this item.  Although they are aged at 2+, I feel like they are more for elementary aged kids than toddlers/preschoolers.  Maybe he will like them in a few years.

3. BOPS from Good Boy Organics (?)
These chips are definitely healthier for you than regular potato chiops.. but I didn't care for them. Ryan ate them, which is what's important.  But I found them rather boring and more plain than regular potato chips. 

4. Ladybug Magazine from Cricket Magazine Group ($2.92)
This magazine is PERFECT for my 3 year old who loves all books and magazine. Ryan already receives a magazine subscription that his Papa got for him a while back and he loves that the magazines are especially for him.  It is filled with pictures, stories and poems.  It also came with a 3 month digital subscription or the option of $19/95 for a one year print+ digital bundle.

Now on to the second box, which is for a 21 month old boy.

1. Train Whistle from Green Tones ($19.84)
I actually kinda sorta really love this whistle.  Jake got the hang of it pretty quick and he loves picking it up and blowing in it.  I'm surprised that he's able to make the noise all by himself and gets pretty pleased with himself when he does it.

2. Water Bugs from Boon ($9.99)
Both boys really loved this toy too.  We opened it right away and have played with it in the bathtub every night since!

3. Instant Cold Packs from Me4Kidz
These are one time use cold packs for on the go boo-boos.  We got these a few months back in Ryan's Citrus Lane box.  They are pretty nifty to keep in the diaper bag and thankfully, we haven't had to use them yet.

4.  Babybug Magazine and Digital Subscription from Cricket Magazine Group (2.92 +however much for the digital subscription.)
Just like Ryan, another great pic for an eager to learn toddler.

While the boys enjoyed their Citrus Lane boxes, it isn't my favorite of the boxes.  But the boys love them and that's what matters! Do you get Citrus Lane for your little one?  Share the link with me so I can read your review.. I love reading subscription box reviews.

Want to give Citrus Lane a try for your little one.. use my link to sign up and get $10 off your box and I can get $10 off mine as well! 

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